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Why “The Chosen” Series is One of My Top Must-Watch Recommendations

Why “The Chosen” Series is One of My Top Must-Watch Recommendations

“The Chosen” is a television series that depicts the life of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Gospels of the Bible. Created and directed by Dallas Jenkins, the series has been making waves since its debut in 2019. As someone who has watched the show, I can confidently say that it is one of my top must-watch series. Here are the reasons why:

Why “The Chosen” Series is One of My Top Must-Watch Recommendations

Authenticity in Portrayals

One of the things that stands out about “The Chosen” is the authenticity of the portrayals. The actors and actresses do an amazing job of bringing the characters to life, making them feel like real people. They capture the emotions and struggles of the characters, making it easy for the viewer to connect with them.

Scriptural Accuracy

The show’s creators have made it clear that they strive for scriptural accuracy. While some creative license has been taken to fill in the gaps between biblical accounts, the overall story remains faithful to the biblical text. This dedication to accuracy makes “The Chosen” a great resource for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the Gospels.


The cinematography in “The Chosen” is breathtaking. The show’s creators have spared no expense in creating a visually stunning series. The attention to detail and the use of natural lighting create a visually stunning viewing experience.

Photo | The Chosen Scene: John 3:16

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Emotional Depth

One of the things that sets “The Chosen” apart from other biblical dramas is its emotional depth. The show explores the struggles and emotions of the characters in a way that is both relatable and moving. This emotional depth draws the viewer into the story and makes it easy to invest in the characters.

Community Building

“The Chosen” is more than just a television series. It has created a community of viewers who are passionate about the show and its message. The show’s creators have embraced this community and have created resources and events to foster connection and engagement. This community-building aspect of the show is unique and sets it apart from other television series.

In conclusion, “The Chosen” is a must-watch series for anyone interested in biblical dramas. The authenticity of the portrayals, scriptural accuracy, cinematography, emotional depth, and community-building aspect of the show make it a standout series. Whether you are a believer or not, “The Chosen” is a show that will move you and leave a lasting impact.
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