Rocco Nacino peels back the layers of movie ‘Write About Love’

Rocco Nacino stars in the most meta Metro Manila Film Festival entryWrite About Love. He stars alongside Miles Ocampo as writers teaming up to make a blockbuster romantic movie. In an exclusive interview, Rocco shares a few details about the movie that only a handful of people found out by watching the trailer.

Rocco Nacino in Write About Love

Admittedly, Rocco wants to send a message through his character. Fueling the fire, he hoped that people would understand that nothing actually goes to plan. He, then, continued to encourage people to remain open to the real world.

“Not everything should go accordingly to your plan. Be open to take in or be a sponge to other things or the outside world. Even though you’ve made it, everything is still a learning process even when it comes to love or your perception of love. The smallest of things can actually change your view on the world.”

Rocco Nacino in a new experience

As his first time working with TBA Studios and the three Kapamilya stars, Rocco admitted that it felt different. He noted that he had to adjust and try to fit in with the whole cast and crew. He makes it a point to talk to them even when they’re not shooting a scene. This way, he could establish rapport and break the ice to make everything smoother.

Aside from that, this also gave way to starting the chemistry between the characters. Working on the movie made him feel as if he just entered the showbiz industry all over again. Seeing the cast and crew work together, he pointed out that he learned a lot from all of them. The production made him realize why he became an actor in the first place.

Showcasing the life and pain of scriptwriters

Rocco portrays a seasoned writer paired with Miles Ocampo, a newbie trying to make a movie about love. He gets the idea to convince Miles to gather some real-life experience from a past lover. However, she has yet to experience love and heartbreak despite trying a few mobile dating applications. With her lack of experience, how can she ever write a movie about love?

Noticeably, Rocco only described his character as male writer and Ocampo’s as female writer. This remains a huge difference from their characters, Joy (Yeng Constantino) and Marco (Joem Bascon), who actually have names. Rocco smiled and noted that this movie was made to pay homage for scriptwriters.

“After, so long, people always remember lines na patok sa puso. Lines na nakakaiyak, lines na nakakatawa. Lines that by word of mouth tumatatak sa mga tao. So, bakit ganun? It’s because of what these scriptwriters go through. Kung dramatic ‘yung line, it’s because of the pain that these scriptwriters go through, maybe through love, maybe through heart break, family loss or kung anuman. ‘Yun ‘yung pain na nararamdaman natin galing sa kanila kasi story nila ‘yun… So, it’s about time na sila naman ‘yung bida.”

Catered to the millennial generation

As a complete opposite of his character, Rocco pointed out he had to dig deep to find what his character really embodies. Aside from showcasing scriptwriters, Write About Love remains unique in showing different kinds of love. Catering to the millennial generation, he noted that it will surely be relatable to people everywhere.

Directed by Crisanto Aquino, Write About Love shows different kinds of love and actually using pain to write something beautiful.


Produced by Angela Baltan
Photographer | Dom Cruz
Film by Onin Estrella
Assisted by Charles Aldrich Cabico
Stylist | Chino Brownlee Aguilar
Makeup Artist | Elvie Recalde
Hairstylist | Arthur Tolentino

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