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Common Worries of Godparents on Christmas — So You’ll Understand

Common Worries of Godparents on Christmas — So You’ll Understand

Christmas season is coming to town! And for sure everyone is excited because it is also the season of giving. Gone are the days of surprise gift box from your ninang or a bulky envelope from your ninong — now that you are already adult, you tend to worry for your OWN inaanak. Yes, you are now a godparent!

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Money. Gifts. Where to get?

You have 13th month pay or the bonus from your work but suddenly you remember your godchild. So out of nowhere you will spare enough budget for them. Oh dear, you still got bills to pay but hey it’s fine this is once in a year only. Tricky tip for the godparents with uncountable inaanak, cash out hard 20-peso bill and put it in an envelope then distribute!

Do you remember who are your inaanak?

For those godparents with plenty godchild, surely they can’t remember all of those names. And on that day, random kid will sprout out of nowhere and tada! You are clueless. You got no choice but to pick a bill on your pocket. Another thing is that for sure you are not updated on them but that is fine. After all, you are there to celebrate, and of course, to reminisce and get updated to everyone.

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Equal gifts to all of your godchildren.

You have your favorites and that is inevitable. You got no choice but to play fair to all of your inaanak. You want to prepare something special for a particular kid but that is a no-no but it is still possible. Just be sneaky and don’t let the other kids know especially their parents that would be messy.

And lastly, you are adult so aguinaldo is your solo worry.

There is no extra-help from your parents. That is why the money you will be giving will from yours truly not from your mother or father. Oh well, not unless they will let you borrow some, however, expect it. It is your solo worry.

Aguinaldo is not really an obligation. It is a choice whether to give or not, and for sure our little god kids understand it. However, most of the ninongs and ninangs will surely choose to give out.

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