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This bed and breakfast is your next valentine destination in Coron

This bed and breakfast is your next valentine destination in Coron

Love is too intense and too encompassing to ever be overrated, unlike the cliché and overly scratched saying goes. As February goes on, Valentine’s Day is surely quickly approaching, barely staying put around the corner. Even though it is a day for couples, Valentine’s Day shall not only be shared by two hearts.

Rather, it shall be a day to celebrate all kinds of encompassing love. What better way to celebrate this day with the presence of one’s favorite people? Perhaps, Valentine’s Day could be the perfect excuse-or reason-to travel and indulge in what the country has to offer in terms of tourist worthy and tourist approved spots- Coron, Palawan being one of them.

Atwayan Beach

Coron is best known for its beaches and great waters. Furthermore, there are also other places and activities that could appeal to different individuals. After spending time traipsing and sinking into sandy shores, or hopping from one island to another, some more slow serene wouldn’t hurt no one. Also, a great place to enjoy the night and welcome the next morning of the vacation would be much appreciated. It’s something that AJ Coffee & Bed showcases to its beloved guests.

A perfect place

Located in the heart of Coron, AJ Coffee & Bed offers the perfect place to stay for tourists embarking on their dream vacations. It is a promising accommodation facility. AJ Coffee & Bed offers different types of rooms built for every guest’s preference. They allow them to choose from standard, deluxe, and suite room, inclusive of related amenities.

A shared lounge is also found at the roof top of the building. It is a best hangout place to breath and relax after a whole day doing all the island tours. But if you’re traveling alone, this might be the place where you can meet new people and share random life experiences.

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That’s not all that AJ Coffee & Bed has to offer as it truly brings the cozy feeling best known in a cup of coffee. It’s also a place where you can find another branch of Antipolo City’s very own Kaulayaw Coffee. Located on the ground floor, Kaulayaw Coffee is ready to brew local for guests who want to get fresh cups exactly like how warm home and the love shared within it by its occupants is.

AC Benito

With its white sand beaches and truly breathtaking scenes, there is surely something to love waiting for each and everyone in Coron. If you ever decide to pay a visit, be it for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, be sure to consider a stay in AJ Coffee & Bed. More importantly, don’t forget to bring your treasured ones!

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