Things about the Filipino ‘Indian Mango’

Graphic. Green mango sliced in half with salt and spice.
Photo | Messala Ciulla

Growing up with trees in your backyard, or along the neighborhood, is definitely a blessing for skin and lungs. Meanwhile, having fruit-bearing trees like banana, guava, and mangoes is definitely a privilege. And for me, having an indian mango tree is one that made my childhood better.

Photo | Carla Mendoza

All about the Filipino ‘Indian Mango’

Local green mango aka indian mango aka Katchamita is one of the three most popular mangoes in the Philippines alongside Carabao and Pico. This round and green fruit bears its name because of the country it has originated from. 

Original Photo | Tamanna Rumee

Snack all the way

Do you prefer climbing and picking it fresh from the branches? Or do you wish to have mangoes already peeled and put them in your lunch box? Ever had that instant craving when you see a street-vendor selling Indian mangoes with bagoong/alamang(fish/shrimp paste)?

Photo | Carla Mendoza

Admit it or not, Indian mangoes are just the best healthy snacks. No need to do anything extravagant but to peel and it’s good to go. It’s natural sour taste dancing to the tongue, accompanied by spicy bagoong/alamang or dipped on rock salt are just perfect. Crunchy and juicy texture that just fits the weather in the country, giving you that refreshing feeling in the midst of the hot and humid.

Photo | Carla Mendoza

Mango any way

In rural areas where the lands are rich and trees grow without ease, making your own harvest as “ulam” to rice is not new. You’ll simply peel your green mango then dip the slices in bagoong or alamang or salt with siling labuyo and get a spoon of cooked rice and enjoy. Some even prefer to use soy sauce or other available seasonings to make their meal tastier.

Original Photo | Nixon Johnson

Recipes such as ensalada (mango salad), buro (fermented manggoes), and fruit shake are very much common on cook books. When you look closely, depending on the region, they have their own take on these and they are all good. It’s easy to find what you like most because once you eat,there’s still that ‘kick’ and relieves your veins.

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Healthy mango is the way to go

With each bite comes the citrus freshness that has a burst of healthy juices. Mangoes are known to be a good source of Vitamin B complexes and C. It is also rich with Thiamine and Niacin that can help breakdown fats within our bodies.Lastly, its leaves are used as an added ingredient when boiling other medicinal plants or creating tea remedy for coughs and colds.

The tropical fruit with a typical green color is one with tremendous taste, potential, and benefits.

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