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Feel refreshed with Tea Ni Juan’s summer coolers with real fruits

Feel refreshed with Tea Ni Juan’s summer coolers with real fruits

According to PAG-ASA, the rainy season is officially here. However, we still experience bouts of scorching heat. I tried to refresh myself. Whether it is a cold soda or an iced coffee, you name it. But, there’s a cold drink that I really enjoy the most these days. The refreshing fruit teas of Tea Ni Juan! It has become the most appropriate for the warm weather. And, I guarantee you, you will ask for more.

Feel refreshed with Tea Ni Juan’s summer coolers with real fruits

What are the flavors?

I was informed that Tea Ni Juan is made up of the finest tea leaves. So, you’ll love it once you have a taste of it. What’s interesting is its new concoction. It now comes with the Passion Fruit Gren Apple, Passion Fruit Green Mango, and my fave, the citrusy, Passion Fruit Lemon. A squeeze of lemon in a tea is definitely a must-try, especially now that we all need a dose of vitamin C to keep our immune system strong. The combination of fruits and tea works as the fruits magnify the taste of the tea.

The idea is perfect since not a lot of people want to eat fruits, but most of us are so hooked on drinking tea, whether it be milk teas or the good old plain tea. As they say, no fruits should be avoided. It has great benefits such as it’s an antioxidant, high in vitamins, and has contents of minerals. So trying Fruit Tea ni Juan is definitely something we should consider.

It’s getting attention!

Tea ni Juan is getting a lot of attention having some franchises all over the country. With the summer ongoing and still a little rainfall, I’m sure a lot of people would want to have a taste of this new tropical drink. With a lot of hesitation people have on what they intake due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a frequent cup of this drink can surely help us not only to be refreshed but also to be invigorated. As they say, sugar can help you function better, and mind you that this is a healthy sugar since it is from natural fruits.

To know more about it, check out their IG and FB accounts.

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