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These 10 most-followed Pinay celebrities on Instagram are the epitome of beauty

These 10 most-followed Pinay celebrities on Instagram are the epitome of beauty

Posting selfies and photos of ourselves on Instagram has become part of our daily routine. Every captured moment shared on social media feels so rewarding, and even seeing posts from other people makes us happy.

One example of these are the beautiful photos posted by our favorite Pinay celebrities on Instagram. Gracing our Instagram feeds with their amazing shots, these stars will surely make you smile, one photo at a time.

And here are the Top 10 most followed celebrities on Instagram.

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis has over 17 million followers on Instagram. No questions asked, her photos shows her beauty inside and out.

Her account is replete with wonderful photos and advocacy videos. Apart from that, she also postsadorable moments with her cute daughter Dahlia.

She also captures her followers’ hearts with her captions on the photos. It holds good meaning and life lessons too.

Liza Soberano

Second on the list, none other than Liza Soberano with ovr 16 million Instagram followers.

On her Twitter account, you can see the phrase ‘Imperfection is beauty’ on her Twitter bio before putting the link on her Instagram account. It’s like she’s pertaining to photos of herself as imperfect yet beautiful.

Yet, when you visit her account, Liza has no room for imperfections. From her physical appearance to her internal attributes, she looks almost perfect. She can act, sing, model, and share good advocacies.

Kathryn Bernardo

From being a cute little girl that we saw on Goin’ Bulilit to being a goddess on the camera, Kathryn Bernardo reached 15.3 million followers on her Instagram account. With or without make-up, Kathryn looks so stunning in every shot. No wonder her followers love every photo she posts.

Niana Guerrero

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Apart from being famous on the video-sharing app TikTok, Niana Guerrero has tons of followers on Instagram.

Garnering over 13.4 million followers who always wait for her post, Niana is a great dancer. At a young age, she can follow tricky dance steps that even adults finds hard to dance. Her taste in fashion also got us stunned. Cool yet classy, she makes a lot of dance trends and covers that even internationally-acclaimed dancers acknowledge her.

Pia Wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach has earned 12.5 million followers on her account. Well, I think the most suited social media platform for a queen is Instagram as they treat audiences with endearing photos of her beauty.

Andrea Brillantes

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A young celebrity with 12.4 million followers with jaw-dropping photos on Instagram. Once you see Andrea Brillantes on Instagram, you will surely stop scrolling and appreciate her beauty.

She has such a charming smile and attractive eyebrows. What a really pretty young lady. Known as a great actress that portray a protagonist and an antagonist, Andrea is well-appreciated through her Instagram posts.

Catriona Gray

She is another beauty queen who amazes us with her confidence representing the Philippines in Miss UniverseCatriona Gray is not only a queen of beauty, but is a queen of heart, as well.

An advocate that uplifts women and the LGBTQ community, Catriona is followed by 12.2 million Instagram users.

Alex Gonzaga

Who doesn’t love Alex Gonzaga? What a hilarious, beautiful woman!

Alex is loved by over 11.2 million people on Instagram. Aside from making people laugh through her videos, Alex stuns in her photos. Additionally, the fun in following is being able to see her online exchange with actor-host Luis Manzano. These two best friends really have hilarious senses of humor.

Marian Rivera

With 11 million followers, this full-time Mom showers her Instagram account with her beauty, along with the happiness of her family.

Marian Rivera with her daughter and son make the former’s Instagram account more adorable. Despite being a busy mom, her beauty never ages. She looks younger in her 30’s.

Kim Chiu

On our 10th spot is none other than the “Chinita Princess” Kim Chiu with over 10.5 million followers. We first saw her as a housemate for Pinoy Big Brother. She is such a cheerful chinita girl with a dedication for winning.

Now, she got so many projects and is one of the most admirable personalities on television. On Instagram, she shares tons of her moments in travelling, as well as semi-photoshoots during a vacation or even just at home or onset.

Instagram helps people get more photo ideas from these personalities. Also, it is fun and fulfilling to see them post their achievements, advocacies, and journey. This app does not only share great pictures but through this, we can connect and relate to other users. Keep on taking pictures everyone, there are people out there happy seeing you in a good state.

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