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The quality of a friend is way more important than the quantity of friends

The quality of a friend is way more important than the quantity of friends


My circle of friends is getting smaller every day, and that’s totally okay. One of the most important things I learned over the past years is learning to let go of people and knowing when to move forward. As we age, we all go through different experiences, we grow more mature, and we begin to realize who our real friends are and who we want to keep close. There will be a time when you start to feel like you just outgrow some friendships — and that is normal.


The quality of a friend becomes way more important than the number of friends. That’s why, I sincerely value my friends who are still a big part of my life, with whom I still share a trust and authentic relationship with. As long as I am happy and satisfied with my smaller friend circle, I have nothing to worry about. Sure enough, aswe get older, we begin to discover that not everyone in our old circle had the best intentions for us.

As we get older, we begin to establish priorities in our careers and personal life.

As we get older, we begin to realize that people aren’t going to always wait for us to have time for them.

And, as we get older, we begin to crave meaningful conversations with people who really matter to us.

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In life, there are some things that are extremely hard to achieve and easy to lose. The most important realization in building your own identity and in achieving your mental peace is knowing when to cut ties with toxic people — no matter who they are. As much as possible, we have to stay focused on limited people with maximum attention.

Cutting people way from your life ain’t easy, but it is beneficial — it may be a hard pill to swallow but it is actually comforting. If their absence brings you peace, then it’s okay to show them the door and shut the door tight. After all, self-care is not selfish. Trust me, your friendships affect your level of growth and success. Whether you are successful or not as of yet, the smaller your circle, the better.

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