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BE++ Podcasts: Learn From The Best Tech Leaders

BE++ Podcasts: Learn From The Best Tech Leaders

Since the transition to the digital age started, podcasts became a massive thing among book readers and radio listeners. Now, people can tell stories and listen to their favorite talk shows online! Gone are the days that we need to be lugging around a heavy radio for entertainment. Everything fits in our pockets! If you’re someone who is an avid podcast listener, I have an excellent recommendation for you! Listen up on BE++ Podcast – it’s the best decision you can make. More than being entertaining, podcasts should make us learn something new. With BE++ Podcasts, you’ll do both!

BE++ Podcasts are a collection of interviews with the world’s most outstanding technology and organization leaders.

Anyone who has become a trend and anyone who has become a “someone” is featured as a guest. CEO of Webpuppies Abhi Dabas serves as the enigmatic and lively host. The 30-45-minute show is far from a bore. The podcast’s topics range in areas such as resiliency, trust, and innovation in the organization. Honestly, the BE++ podcast remains a must for entrepreneurs, students, and leaders who want to engage in professional development.

Recently, the BE++ Podcasts featured one of my favorite brands right now, GIGIL: The Ideas Company.

If you remember, GIGIL remains the brains behind the weird RC Cola, the funny DANES Cheese ad, and the scary marketing for Netflix’s Trese.

In that particular episode, I learned a lot about how marketing drives products and culture. Brands propagate ideas so that their products BECOME the culture. You don’t just advertise- you sell a lifestyle and a way of living. I’m gonna say it- Badong Abesamis and Herbert Hernandez are THE standards! *sigh To be able to work in GIGIL would indeed be a dream.

As a budding head who’s managing her own business (Tooldoc. and Miana’s Boxes PH), the BE++ Podcasts teach me a lot. More than just learning concepts like maximizing employee productivity and commitment, I also understand more about my vision.

By listening to the different leaders in BE++, I discover the kind of leader and worker I aspire to be. What will be my managerial style? How will my attentiveness in meetings remain despite being in an online setup? What can make me trust a leader, and what can make people trust me as a leader?

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The BE++ Podcast helps its listeners stay updated on current tech trends, companies, and leadership techniques!

The best thing about it is that you’re getting all these exclusive lessons hassle-free! That’s what’s great about podcasts. You can listen to them in the background while sipping a hot cup of cocoa wrapped up in a soft and fuzzy blanket.

If we’re all going to spend this time indoors, why not get a career glow-up? You can get insights on what makes workers tick, how leaders go through their creative processes, and how the successful brands of today follow a formula!

Indeed, BE++ Podcasts will give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

Companies DO love people with great insights! Besides, the future IS technology. Stay ahead of the game and subscribe now to BE++ Podcasts!

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