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The bad and the ugly of your social media rants and anger

The bad and the ugly of your social media rants and anger

We all knew people who rant about their problems on social media, about spats with their partners, their stress about work, and about the dirty politics. Sometimes, we also do that too. Especially during those times that we just have to vent out our frustrations.

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Social media rants can backfire

Sad to say, ranting on social media may cause more damage instead of solving our issues. Indeed, everyone has the right to free speech and post whatever they want on their personal space. However, we just want to share there are good reasons why you have to hold back and take a deep breath before posting your anger on social media:

It can add insult to the injury

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When you are hurt by somebody, posting passive-aggressive thoughts will only make the situation worse. You could feel instant relief and validation but do not expect everyone will provide the empathy you’re waiting for. Worst case scenario, netizens will just gossip about your issue and you and your online enemy will just be the talk-of-the-town for gossip-mongers. Meanwhile, your issue with that person remains unsolved.

Anything you posted on the Internet is permanent

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We know that cliché “Think before you click” but only few realizes the impact of their words on the internet. When you air your dirty laundry for everyone to see online then it became viral, people will take photos or receipts of it. So when you are already calm then decided you want to take down your post, it will be already useless.

Rants can have a negative effect on your career

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All of your posts on social media can contribute for the good or bad of your reputation. And with young people now having a hard time to look for a job, this is the perfect time to re-assess your plans of posting your angst about others.

Now that we use more technology in our daily lives, we need to think that our online accounts as a whole as our second resume. An associate professor of marketing at Messiah College Keith Quensberry even pointed out, “Social media brings together our personal, professional and working lives in a way no other medium has before.”

It can be bad for your health.

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It seems that social media ranting may lighten the burden of what you’re feeling at that moment.
Rants on social media serve to blow off steam. But then, the act itself may be detrimental for your own health in the long run. There’s a research study titled Anger on the Internet: The Perceived Value of Rant-Sites that anger only flares after the internet user posted his/her rant.

Psychotherapist Shoshana Bennett said that online outbursts are not a good idea. She further explains, “As a psychologist, I know how emotionally destructive it can be. I’ll bet that if measured, cortisol blood levels would be found high in the ranter. And as we are already aware, high cortisol on a regular basis can cause all kinds of physical health issues.”

So what can we do if venting on social media has all of these repercussions? The best thing is to find someone you can trust and who’s willing to listen to your issues and worries.

Thinking of someone already? Go hit that DM button instead on sharing your thoughts to all.

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