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National Geographic sets to premiere Race to the Center of the Earth

National Geographic sets to premiere Race to the Center of the Earth

The producers of EMMY Award-winning reality series The Amazing Race set to introduce a new adrenaline-packed global competition series. Bertram Van Munster and Elise Doganieri introduce Race to the Center of the Earth. This will set to premiere on National Geographic Channel on March 30.

National Geographic sets to premiere Race to the Center of the Earth

Race to the Center of the Earth features an extreme non-elimination competition. This pits four teams of three against one another. This comes with each team racing from four remote corners of the planet. The teams would also include South America, Russia, Canada, and Southeast Asia.

The teams face untamed jungles, frozen arctic, arid deserts, bustling cities, treacherous mountains, and vast oceans. One of them would reach the final location where all four routes intersect – a buoy holding the grand prize of USD$1-million. Aside from that, the first team to arrive at the buoy claims it all.

Stage One

They also divided this race into two stages. For Stage One, each team has a random assignment of different international route. Contestants must travel a daily course of epic physical challenges within a set time frame. They will also have a given GPS device containing a number of waypoints. Of course, this would indicate the route they must follow. Producers will, of course, track the points. It will be broken up, as follows:

  • Team who arrives at the End of Day Waypoint before the grace period — TWO points
  • Arriving at the End of Day Waypoint within the grace period or on pace — ONE point
  • Arrive at the End of Day Waypoint after the grace period — ZERO points
  • Those who do not complete the daily course in the allotted time are moved to the final waypoint for safety and lose ONE point.

The Teams

Whichever team with the most points at the end of Stage One has a starting position advantage at the beginning of Stage Two. In this stage, teams will have to race head-to-head. The first team to reach the buoy, on the other hand, will hold the grand prize and named the winner. These adventurous teams consist of friends and co-workers who remain confident that their bond will help them win.


They consist of a group of colleagues from Anchorage, Alaska. They have known each other for fifteen years. Aside from that, they have also experienced highly intense situations and personal milestones together. For the show, they would race through a variety of terrains in Russia.

North America

They consist of a team of co-workers from Denver, Colorado. They consider each other family. This team, would have to trek their way through the Canadian wilderness.

South America

Meanwhile, this team have boulder their way through intense training back home in San Diego, California. On the other hand, they will have to trek through glaciers and more in South America.

 Southeast Asia

They come from Seattle, Washington. They also bond over their love of adventure, travel, and the outdoors and they would travel through Southeast Asia.


The Episodes of Race to the Center of the Earth

Catch the epic seven-part series on National Geographic Channel (CIGNAL: CH 141 SD, CH 240 HD / SKYCABLE: CH 41 SD, CH 195 HD) on March 30 at 10am, with a primetime repeat at 10pm.

101 – “Hit The Ground Running”

Four teams across the world compete in the ultimate adventure race for USD$1o-workers, rock-climbers, cops and teachers are spread out across the world, racing toward to a million. As the race begins, teams must work together to win. For one team, a steep challenge on day one will test their mettle.

102 – “Back Breaker”

As the Race to the Center of the Earth heats up, teams are pushed to the limits of both mind and body. In Canada, a snowstorm puts the team in a bind. One adventurer has to face her fears in Vietnam. In South America, the fabric of the team is tested, and in Russia, the team endures the longest day of the course.

103 – “The Going Gets Tough”

The race continues, and for each team it will take physical and mental strength to endure. Russia has car troubles that jeopardizes the team’s lead in the competition. Canada’s relationships are put to the test. South America’s team must make a risky decision. Meanwhile, Team Southeast Asia faces their most exhausting challenge yet.

104 – “A Marathon Of Pain”

Race to the Center of the Earth hits the halfway point, the Big Reveal brings new information to the teams. Competition revs up as teams face harrowing challenges while emotions run high. Teams are gunning to steal first place, but do they have what it takes to win the million-dollar prize?

105 – “Down To The Wire”

More than halfway through the Race, even the strongest are pushed to their breaking points. In Canada, the team faces a frozen uphill battle. In Thailand, the team’s weaknesses are exposed. Team Russia ventures into dangerous territory. And Team South America fights against injury and fear.

See Also

106 – “The Final Push”

Around the globe, teams push hard toward the end of stage one. In Canada, a horseback ride takes a dangerous turn\ Team Southeast Asia battles a jungle labyrinth in Malaysia. In Russia, an injury plagues the entire team. Meanwhile, the South American’s journey will have an unexpected wrench due to civil unrest.

107 – “A Million Bucks Or Bust”

After 13 gruelling days racing in their separate corners around the world, the four teams converge at the final destination for an epic head-to-head battle, where just one will walk away with the million-dollar prize.

Race to the Center of the Earth remains under New Media Collective’s production. They had format from Plum Pictures for National Georgaphic. For New Media Collective, executive producers are Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri, Mark Dziak and Doug Vargas. For National Geographic, Bengt Anderson is executive producer and Matt Renner is executive producer and vice president, original programming and production.

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