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OPINION: Ranking the Hargreeves in the Umbrella Academy from the best sibling to just so-so

OPINION: Ranking the Hargreeves in the Umbrella Academy from the best sibling to just so-so

The Umbrella Academy siblings are a pack of great people blessed with great powers and responsibility, of course. The said siblings are the cause of the doomsday, not just once, nor twice, but thrice. Throughout the three seasons, Hargreeves siblings showcase their powers and are given a decent amount of screen time to exhibit their part of being extraordinary. And you can’t blame anyone to have their own favorites.


OPINION: Ranking the Hargreeves in the Umbrella Academy from the best sibling to just so-so

Klaus Hargreeves

Klaus is a red flag in Season 1, I know, but his character development is one of the best in the series. Robert Sheehan did a great job in portraying Klaus’ disturbed yet admirable and loveable character.

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I started liking Klaus when the assassins of the Commission attacked their house and he was taken hostage after. The trauma that he experiences from being a hostage to traveling time and fighting the Vietnam War. Not to mention the death of his lover.

Klaus’s traumas are what makes him a person. In Season 3, he overcomes his daddy issues and trauma. He even discovered the real intensity of his abilities in a short period of time. In addition to this, Klaus Hargreeves’ humor is astonishing.

Five Hargreeves

Living alone for decades with just a mannequin and a bottle of wine can test your ability to withstand mental loneliness. And do not forget that this 13-year-old kid time-traveled to the first apocalypse, discovering his family is already dead. Five Hargreeves went through all of that.

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There is nothing harder than traveling back in time to stop the apocalypse with your 13-year-old body but in reality, you are already 58 years old. It’s hard to make people believe in you if you are in the body of a child. More importantly, Five went missing for over a decade and it’s normal for his siblings to miss him. Especially if you are coming back with the same appearance as you have when you went missing.

What I like about Five’s character is his love for his family. Although he does not want to fully show it, he is the one who cares most for his family. He is the only one who did not turn his back on Vanya, now Viktor. And he is the only one who thinks about how to escape the apocalypse and save the world every season.

Viktor Hargreeves

Taking number three is Number Seven, or Viktor Hargreeves. His ability is the most powerful among the seven siblings, and the most destructive, too. He is the cause of the two apocalypses but I believe that his not at fault for any of these.

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Viktor Hargreeves is the purest out of the siblings. His intentions are pure, and the only thing he wants is for him to be a part of the family. I still think that what he did about the book is wrong, but it’s only a product of the mistreatment that he experienced as a child. I will not also blame him for trusting Harold Jenkins in Season 1, because that’s the only time other people noticed him.

Ben Hargreeves

Ben Hargreeves is an asshole in the third season, I get it, but admit it, we can’t help but like him in the first two seasons. Klaus and Ben is a tandem and a package. Since Ben is already a ghost due to an unfortunate event when he was a child, and Klaus’ ability is to control the afterworld, the two go around together most of the time.

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Ben’s ability is powerful next to Viktor’s. His tentacles can attack and defend people at the same time. Maybe because their numbers are consecutive, Viktor and Ben share the same pure heart.

In the episode when the Umbrella Academy is introduced to the public, Ben is agitated after he slaughtered the culprits in the room. It’s as if he doesn’t have a choice but to do it. Even though he’s a jerk in the third season, Klaus still believes that Ben is just trying hard to be bad because of his responsibility as one of the leaders of the Sparrow Academy.

Diego Hargreeves

I always like Diego, not just because he’s handsome, but because he’s the most welcoming of them all. He is the first one to accept Vanya to Viktor’s transformation and also the proudest.

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Next to Ben, Diego is the second closest to Klaus. Not to mention that he can keep up with Klaus’s energy. When Klaus is kidnapped by the Commission’s assassins, Diego is the only one who looked for him. He also knows what to do and when to do it. Despite being a mama’s boy, Diego accepts their mom is a robot, and also the one who stopped Grace’s suffering.

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Luther Hargreeves

Regardless of being number one, for me, Luther Hargreeves failed to be the leader of the family as he should be. He is the only sibling who trusts Sir Reginald Hargreeves so much and is blindly following him for years. While being the one Hargreeves who did not leave the house, his father still calls him by his number. He does not know when and how to stop following his beloved father.

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What I don’t like about Luther’s character is that his story revolves around his love interests. At first, he is paired with Allison, and then by the third season, he becomes Sloane Hargreeves love interest.

But his courage to step up when his siblings need help is exceptional. He stands as the big brother of them all, in spite of being the same age as others. Despite the fact that he almost seems to betray the Umbrella Academy in the third season, Luther is the main cause of the unison of the two families.

Allison Hargreeves

Going last is the manipulative queen, Allison Hargreeves. Her ability to manipulate other people using her voice is something I always wanted since Season 1. But her character development is going down from being the badass sister to being the prick one.

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For me, Viktor does not deserve Allison’s treatment to her. She needs to accept the fact that their fate as siblings is already tied to the apocalypse and them losing people along the way. She is not wrong to feel those emotions, but she needs an open mind to deal with these things instead of blaming it all on Viktor.

Although Allision is an ass in the final season, she still stands out when they fight for the Black people’s community’s rights together with his husband, Raymond Chestnut.

There is no perfect family. But, the Hargreeves show that a united family can fight anything, even the apocalypse. Who is your favorite character in the Umbrella Academy? Share yours in the comments!

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