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Lorin Gutierrez can make it feel like summertime wherever

Lorin Gutierrez can make it feel like summertime wherever

Even at a young age, Lorin Gabriella Gutierrez proved she’s worth the attention of many. As the daughter of a prominent beauty queen in the country and a member of a famous showbiz clan, she’s got the looks and potential to make it big someday.

The 16-year-old digital princess is the eldest daughter of actress-model Ruffa with ex-husband, Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas.


Lorin have grown herself a fan base from her vlogs on YouTube and social media presence on Instagram. She has captured the audience with her charming and captivating aura that sure can light up every mood!

She’s not afraid to flaunt her gorgeous physique which constantly draws thousands of likes as she makes it feel like summertime in whatever season.

Talk about Body Positivity y’all!

The teen got it from her mama for sure! The curves showed in her beach photos emanate those of a natural model! And she does this effortlessly, in a bikini or not.

Lorin never fails to stun her followers with her beauty each time she strikes a pose. No wonder a bright future await her in the industry! Well, it’s up to her to take it.

Ruffa surely is proud of her daughter as she regularly shows her off too online. Along with her sister Venice, the two undoubtedly make a dynamic duo. What parent wouldn’t be glad to share them with the world?

Right now, Lorin has surpassed the 100,000 mark of subscribers on her own channel, where she gives a picture of their day-to-day lives and anything under the sun she likes to share!

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