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Is this British PM’s way of thanking Filipino medical healthcare workers

Is this British PM’s way of thanking Filipino medical healthcare workers

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was recently spotted wearing a Philippines shirt after his morning exercise. Well, many believe that it is his way of showing gratitude Filipino nurses and other medical professionals.

British PM spotted wearing PH shirt

Prior to this,  Mr. Johnson spent one week in the hospital last month after contracting COVID-19. In fact, he reportedly blames being overweight as the culprit of him needing intensive care during his battle with the dreaded coronavirus.

For this reason, he has been focusing on his health and fitness. A part of his new routine is taking morning runs.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wearing a ‘Philippines’ shirt
Photo by: Peter Macdiarmid/LNP

On the second day of his new morning exercise ritual, he was seen wearing a white T-shirt that had a ‘Philippines’ text across the chest.

When the Prime Minister was discharged from St. Thomas’ Hospital in London on April 12, he thanked NHS Staff who he said “saved my life, no question.”

Filipino medical workers, across the globe, have been working tirelessly at the frontline of the war against COVID-19 pandemic.

According to reports, Mr. Johnson was confined in the intensive care unit alongside a 54-year-old Filipino nurse named Larni Zuniga, who caught COVID-19 from one of his patients and unfortunately died.

Of course, many are speculating that the Prime Minister wore the Philippines shirt as a tribute to the courageous Filipino medical frontliners.

True or not, this is still heartwarming!

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