Project Headshot Clinic inspiring netizens, uplifting spirits this pandemic

Project Headshot Clinic, a digital platform that uses online profile photos to further various causes since 2007, and founded by photographer Niccolo Cosme, launched its #OneWorld2020 campaign on April 22, which wonderfully coincided with Earth Day. Lauded by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) for its ingenuity and unending help to fellow Filipinos at this time of pandemic, the main goal of the project is to inspire netizens and uplift their spirits during the lockdown through thematic and stylized headshots. #OneWorld2020 also aims to raise funds for various institutions affected by Covid-19.

Project Headshot Clinic Founder and Photographer Niccolo Cosme

No Shoot Campaign

For the first time in 12 years, Project Headshot Clinic was not able to have an actual photoshoot for its campaign. This is all because Covid-19 has put the world on halt. However, it has not made it impossible for #OneWorld2020 to push through. In fact, it has inspired the team to come up with a collaborative photo series, the first no shoot series of Project Headshot Clinic. The idea is for participants to send in an existing photograph they have or have taken following a list of requirements, including good lighting, ample file size, and a side profile angle. These photos are then meticulously manipulated digitally with paintings of Filipino painter Pat Abella, who generously lent the team some of his beautiful works. To add the perfect touch, the photos are also mixed with images that depict nature. 

Award-winning actress Iza Calzado

While new endeavors such as this are always exciting, it is a big challenge that the entire team took with great pride. More than 500 people registered for the project out of which around 200 were chosen. 

Fundraising and the Growth of One World 2020

Since its inception, Project Headshot Clinic has always believed in making projects with a cause. When Covid-19 hit the Philippines, we knew that we needed to help despite the limited resources, the imposed restrictions, and the imminent threats. For #OneWorld2020, among the goals is to raise funds for institutions affected by the pandemic. We saw the alarming need for personal protective equipment (PPEs), and the team decided to raise funds for it. Aside from that, since the team belongs to the creative field, they have included the Artists Welfare Project as one of the beneficiaries to provide help for displaced Filipino artists during these trying times. 

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

The first leg of #OneWorld2020 was able to raise more than 300k pesos, and 100% of it went to charity. A second leg, which raised around 200k pesos, was opened several days after the launch due to public demand with Lingap Maralita as the beneficiary. Lingap Maralita is a group that provides vegan meals to selected urban poor communities in Metro Manila. Aside from feeding the needy, Lingap Maralita directly outsources their produce from local farmers, which thus create a healthy cycle of helping each other. Another important beneficiary of #OneWorld2020 is the Teach Peace Build Peace Movement, an organization that focuses on “peace building” in conflict areas in Mindanao.

This organization is very close to Headshot Clinic’s hearts as they did several missions with them, and the affected children in these communities give the team more reasons to continue helping. Since most of the efforts and help are now focused on Covid-19, help in Marawi City has started to dwindle and agitation started to grow. Now, more than ever, is truly the time to continue helping and finding other ways to reach out.  

The World Coming Together

#OneWorld2020 is not just an advocacy to help during the Covid-19 crisis but also a vehicle to inspire people — from various walks of life, different genders, with varying beliefs but all with the same goal of helping — to come together. Aside from Filipinos, the campaign had participants from Canada, the U.S., Europe, and various parts of Asia. Some of the most noteworthy individuals who joined include Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong, Phiphi Ohara of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Broadway actress Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Filipino actress and Covid-19 survivor Iza Calzado and Lea Salonga. Iza posted her photo on Instagram during Easter and spoke about her deeper understanding of our interconnectedness and her “rebirth.” 


Moving Forward

Covid-19 has drastically changed our lives and, while there are people who are losing hope, Project Headshot Clinic is doing everything to bring hope and help through these initiatives. #OneWorld2020 was able to prove that social media campaigns can be more meaningful and helpful during these challenging times. Covid-19 may have temporarily put a wall in between people, preventing them from being physically together, but #OneWorld2020 was able to and will continue to bridge this gap through their collaborative campaigns.  


The headshots may be viewed through various social media platforms via the hashtag #OneWorld2020 and through Project Headshot Clinic’s Social Media Platforms on Facebook and Instagram @headshotclinic


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