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Here’s how a Pinoy teenager and his friends turned a hobby into an online clothing shop

Here’s how a Pinoy teenager and his friends turned a hobby into an online clothing shop


Streetwear style originated in the ’70s, taking inspiration from the Californian surf and skating culture.  This style eventually evolves that it began including other elements of sportswear, hip-hop, and popular culture along the way. Currently, we often equate streetwear to urban culture and we see this style all over the world. In fact, the Philippines has several local streetwear brands. One of the names emerging today in social media is HomeBoyz.

Youngblood hustlers who have the right amount of creativity, passion, and dreams

A 17-year old boy named Ian wants to transform his editing hobby into a source of income. It was only an idea until his colleagues Rein Pacayra and Vince Matienzo became his partners to start it. During 2019, the HomeBoyz began and within two months its brand became famous in Taguig and Makati already. Needless to say, the business had a good start but Ian wanted to increase brand popularity on social media. For that very reason, he contacted his old friend Zyril Calzado.

According to Zyril, it was really a great blessing that their business was not affected by the pandemic crisis. Since they were selling the clothes online, there’s no need to pay monthly rent for a physical store. Aside from that, they are grateful for the community that continues to support local clothing businesses like HomeBoyz.  And when we asked him on what makes this online business fruitful one, he replied: “I think its consistency, hard work, passion, and business attitude. Because we believe that consistency and passion is the key to pursue your goal. With the right amount of hard work, you will totally succeed.”

Customers love HomeBoyz for its uniqueness, comfort, and affordability

The creators of HomeBoyz always want their designs to be one of a kind and they take inspiration from international high street fashion. They also combine minimalist aesthetics with other trendy styles.  Moreover, HomeBoyz stands out from the rest of the streetwear shops because of three main reasons. First is its exclusivity since they only have a limited number for every shirt they are releasing.

The next factor is comfort since they only use high-quality local materials. Last but not least is the budget-friendly price tag. HomeBoyz considers that most of its customers are millennials and young people they make sure that their products are affordable.

So far, their best sellers are the Tie Dye and Neon Green shirts from their anniversary release. HomeBoyz is widely known for offering shirts in neutral colors. But for their last company anniversary, they decided to come up with a fresh approach. In the future, the brand will include new sets of hoodies, bucket hats, key chains, and belt bags.

For those who are interested to order from HomeBoyz, just send a message on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. They can deliver your order thru Lalamove and accepts cash-on-delivery.

What are you waiting for? Rock that streetwear vibe and flaunt some shirt from HomeBoyz on your IG!

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