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Femininity: The Ultimate Form of Sophistication

Femininity: The Ultimate Form of Sophistication


What is the essence of being a woman? This question, alone, poses a myriad of actualities with varying degrees. Whether by sexual orientation or gender identity, femininity cannot be defined into one category. It continues to echo culturally over time through fashion and the arts, among several others. 

In truth, however, much of our perception relies heavily on stereotypes. 

Take vulnerability for example. Society has shackled women under a glass ceiling of sexism. Not to mention, this prejudice proves detrimental and polarizing at worst. Even the color pink has stood to symbolize delicateness when, as it happens, it can also represent fierceness. Hence, the wild incongruity led to a revolution in heels.

This is what modern femininity looks like.

Women are taking control of their vulnerability using the clothes they choose to wear. On hindsight, long have they transformed their wardrobe as creative outlets of expression. It has made a powerful statement of vulnerability. This placed them on top of the tier we so desperately try to climb on.

What was once a marker of fragility launched a thousand ships of defiance. 

Now, their hushed whispers amplified to thundering roars. Never again could anyone preclude them from using their clothes to show the multitude of emotions residing within. For the holidays, going for the unconventional is the norm. Wear pink boldly to strengthen your sartorial approach.

It may stand as a stark contrast to the standard hues, but its use exudes elegance and chicness. Your incisive choice of blush nude and rose quartz will earn you a well-deserved spotlight. Besides, there’s nothing in the fashion rule book that says pink isn’t within the realm of the Christmas spirit.

Perhaps, gearing for a new year, we become emboldened to challenge the status quo. 

Allow vulnerability to be your highly-possessed accessory. Certainly, the most attractive attribute you can wear on your sleeves is self-confidence. My hope is that women would start to love, honor, and be the best version of their true and authentic selves. Embracing your femininity means knowing your power.

Written by Shawn Kliff Sacal
Photography by Wayne Eda
Assisted by Joy Beronio
Model | Ella Eiveren Lubag of Mercator Models
Makeup Artist | Jewel Navoa
Hairstylist | John Carl Diaz
Stylist | James Bradlee Gomez
Assisted by Lanz Aron Bendana
Dress | Stylist Owned
Accessories | Forever21
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