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Dubai-based makeup artist, Mau Piodena, drawing nods abroad

Dubai-based makeup artist, Mau Piodena, drawing nods abroad

In times like this when the nation’s morale is at an all-time low, it’s best to celebrate everything that we can proud of. When coronavirus is trying to wreak havoc in the country, terrifying us all, one makeup artist is making waves and is trying to raise our flag. Dubai-based makeup artist, Mau Piodena, is taking a stake in a world where only internationally-acclaimed Filipino designers have flourished.

Most recently, he was able to showcase his amazing talent in both Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. He has also received an invitation to work at the New York Fashion Week — that is if the coronavirus outbreak is thwarted soon. It’s the Holy Grail of the fashion industry. It’s safe to say that the heavyweights in the Philippines hair and makeup industry dream of joining.


“I couldn’t celebrate it that much as anxiety is sky high during the fashion week. It’s because of the coronavirus outbreak scare. There’s a genuine concern within the community and some shows have canceled.  But it was an amazing experience that I will treasure for a lifetime,” according to him. It’s such a brutal and pressure-packed situation that can easily go haywire. Also, anxiety is an all-time high. But just like a seasoned pro, he was able to overcome it like it’s business as usual.

How did he start at the Dubai Fashion industry?

Maui, as his friends call him, initially worked as a Business Analyst at a Telecommunications Company in Dubai. He was then doing makeup for weddings and other event engagements. What paved the way for this rare opportunity was when he met Joel Quinto, who was then trying to build a team for Cosmopolitan Dubai Runway Hunt (CDRH), recruited him.

His innate talent, passion, and masterful techniques started to turn heads — with that, offers run-off like a water stream. He was given the opportunity to shoot with big brands like Dorothy Perkins, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Miss Guided, Mango, and Calvin Klein to name a few and the rest is history.


It was his unspoken dream to work with the greats of the industry and it didn’t go unnoticed because of his dedication. He was blessed to be chosen to do fashion shoots for an online shop with luxury brands like Hermes, Dolce and Gabanna, and Chanel. It was a feat that has placed him on the map.

Working with renowned Filipino designers was his greatest achievement so far according to him. “My proudest achievement was when I was chosen to do the magazine cover for Michael Cinco, Furne One, and other Filipino Designers. It was a surreal experience that has brought tears into my eyes. They have brought honor and glory to our local fashion industry and I would like to do the same,” Maui said.

Future Plans

Being able to work with the who’s who in the international fashion industry, to do magazine shoots at jet-set locations, to work with renowned fashion brands, are not only his goals. Maui is currently teaching at the Filipino Institute of Dubai for Makeup. It’s also his lifelong dream to put up his own Makeup Academy in the country. “Once I get some certifications in Europe, I’d like one day to share my talents with our countrymen. It’s a long way to go, but it’s the legacy that I want to leave. We have so many talented makeup artists here and I want them to have the same opportunity abroad,” Mau said.


The picture is not all rosy for Mau but it’s not a far-fetched dream. After all, he was able to achieve a feat that is unthinkable, so far. This may seem larger than life for him, but his accomplishments are notable that we should all be proud of. In these uncertain times where the Filipino hair and makeup industry is in a dire situation, we can only draw some inspiration from his story.

Way to go, Mau. Reach the unimaginable heights and we’ll be here cheering you on.

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