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OPINION: Ranking my top five favorite VP/Spotlight of 2019

OPINION: Ranking my top five favorite VP/Spotlight of 2019

As an editorial associate for Village Pipol Magazine, it has become one of my responsibilities to create and keep track of the content that we publish online and on our print magazine. I also greatly enjoy coming with the team for celebrity photo shoots for our VP/Spotlight. This way, if I write the cover story about them, it would revolve around their traits and personalities.


Here are my top five favorite VP/Spotlight of 2019:

Up-and-coming artists proved that they got the potential to be the next big thing on VP/Spotlight. Aside from the story, the composition of the covers also appeals to the viewers’ eye. The photographers, stylists, make-up artists, and hairstylists remain a huge help for the editorial team. They create a persona based on a theme or a trait that we wanted the artist to show.


#1: Seth Fedelin

He didn’t win VP Choice Awards‘ VP/Spotlight of the Year for no reason. Produced by yours truly, the pun-filled cover title Ready, Seth, Go! definitely showed off the playful stance of the Seth Fedelin himself.

VP/Spotlight: Seth Fedelin

His comfortability in front of the camera made it possible for candid photos that we immediately loved. Aside from that, it felt easy and comfortable to work with such a young professional who jokes around with the whole team.

#2: Jillian Ward

Another piece from yours truly, I came up with the title Royalty Elevates during Jillian Ward‘s photo shoot. It remained such a ladylike shoot where every outfit she wore became reminiscent to some of the Disney princesses’.

VP/Spotlight: Jillian Ward

Although she embodied her soft-natured charisma, her interview showed another side of her- a powerful young lady who recognizes her self-worth. She exudes a certain standpoint and affirmation that nobody can take away from her.

#3: Jane de Leon

Indeed a force to be reckoned with, Jane de Leon‘s spotlight spearheads such wild grace and strength. With her hair flowing through the wind the spotlight title A Fierce Lioness definitely fits her best.

VP/Spotlight: Jane de Leon

#4: Kid Yambao

As his name grows more recognition, Kid Yambao becomes a prince in his Fresh. Mischievous. Gutsy. spotlight cover. With his long hair in a messy bun, the dangling earrings showed off his “bad boy” side that he definitely put into light.

VP/Spotlight: Kid Yambao

#5: Mark McMahon

Another piece from Lord Harvey Monteroso, this spotlight cover showed the artist as a fruit of grain and essence. Fresh with determination and power, the title exposed his true nature: It’s All Good With Mark McMahon.

VP/Spotlight: Mark McMahon

Are these your favorites too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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