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Another round of Chinito influencers never hurt nobody

Another round of Chinito influencers never hurt nobody

We’re back at it again! Due to high demand, we’ve once again scoured social media to give you a list of Chinito influencers to look forward to every day. Unlike the government, we wouldn’t want to fail you. So here are 11 more of our favorite guys online:

Benedict Cua


We had the chance to work with this guy for a shoot before and can we just say? He is just so sensible and fun to be with. We just spent the day with laughters and meaningful discussions.
For sure, he earned the success he is having now. No wonder that the follower number keeps on growing! Would you look at that adorable personality?

Sky Quizon


Known for his hilarious videos, Sky is also a force to be reckoned with on the internet. Whether on IGTV or TikTok, he does not just show us the funny side of him but also the talented one.
Also a traveller, Sky will really go to places metaphorically and literally with a drive like that! Keep on spreading good vibes!

Eian Rances


Actor Eian is also making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Being a good-looking gentleman like that, we know well he’d go far!
As seen on many blogging events and on screen, Eian has been making waves as this cheerful Chinito that netizens keep eyeing for.

Sam Hashimoto


Mr. Guam 2017 and chinito model Sam Hashimoto gained fame for his gorgeous physique and talent in performing. His hot bod compliments  his angelic voice!
Aside from his regular visits to the gym, he also shares videos of his song covers that capture our hearts all the time!

Jeremy Sry


This actor slash fitness coach is also one to beat when it comes to the abs area! Yes, those six-pack buns have something to say!
You can found him also on YouTube as he trains with his subscribers, helping them to achieve their body goals.

Nikki Co


GMA Artist Center talent Nikki Co proves he is a guy of versatility. From being a content creator to showing off his acting skills on various TV programs and movies, he really knows what he is doing.
Follow his journey in showbiz and on YouTube via his vlogs!

Kiko Ipapo


Sports and fitness enthusiast Kiko Ipapo is the epitome of a buff guy! Promote of wellness and healthy lifestyles, he always reminds us to be better human beings for this world and for our own good.
Can’t help but stan, right?

Miguel Lim


This commercial model is familiar to all of us as he already appeared not just in numerous TVCs but also have participated in pageants.
He has worked with some of the biggest local brands such as Bench, PNB, and international brands like H&M and Grab!

Neil Dy


This influencer’s smile is just so contagious and cute that we had to include him here! Brands also trust his impact online because of his charming personality that emanates throughout his content.
Plus, he is an adorable boyfriend which really shows!

Dustin Yu


Monaco model Dustin can make the girls scream even in a straight face. Yes, he has that appeal!
No doubt that he is an in-demand presence online too!

Christopher Tuazon


For us, he dominates TikTok better than the others! He can do so much, believe us when we say that.
Christopher is a seaman, model, and influencer all at the same time! How he does that? We don’t know but what we do know is that he is a face we want to see every day!
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