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Alternative Handaan for Birthday Parties

Alternative Handaan for Birthday Parties

For several generations, Filipinos have been accustomed to celebrating birthday parties as part of our culture and tradition. Growing up, we’re used to salivate over spaghetti, pancit, fried chicken, lumpiang shanghai, hotdog and mallows, on a common occasion. We never get tired of gobbling them up and continuously look forward to this type of handaan.

Photo | Christine Mae Aguas

However, if your tastebuds are craving something unconventional, here are some alternative handa I strongly suggest for your birthday parties!


This creamy, milky pasta might be uncommon to a Filipino’s taste, who usually favors the sweet and salty spaghetti. But there’s no harm in trying out the extraordinary on your platter, right? Don’t forget the crispy bacon bits on top!

Pexels | Antonius Ferret


Siomai is a familiar dumpling in the hearts of Filipinos. How about going for the maximum and trying out the entire dimsum party package? Dimsum translates “touch the heart,” surely touching the visitors’ hearts upon tasting — may they be steamed, fried, or baked.

Pexels | Momo King

Fried Fish Fillet

The deep-fried, boneless fish will definitely leave a crunch in your mouth! Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside — the perfect dish to serve if you want a change from chicken. I just hope none of you are allergic to seafood, or else you are sadly missing out!

Pexels | Lloyd Mitchel Guanzon

Graham Balls

These round desserts, popularized in the Philippines, are full of surprises! Take a bite, and guess what’s inside? Marshmallows, chocolates, candies, sprinkles, and more! It is as exciting as a birthday party to munch on these assorted balls.

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It’s time to party and put the pie on your dining table! Apple, mango, cream, chocolate — whatever filling you’d like to put will have a blast inside! Sick and tired of birthday cakes? You can bake a pie and fill it with several flavors! Don’t forget to add the candle on top!

Getty Images | Kim Kaili / EyeEm

Tusok-Tusok (Street Food)

The Philippines is famous for its variety of street food, which you’ll see in every corner of the street. We have fish balls, chicken balls, calamares, isaw, kwek-kwek, kikiams, and more salty snacks to appetize! They not only bring tastiness to the streets, but also to the comfort of our homes. So why not include this in your birthday platter that symbolizes the strong identity of a Filipino’s stomach?

Shuttershock | at.rma

The next time you plan your birthday party, you might wanna go extra and try these mouthwatering handa! Not only will your visitors dance while they eat, but the flavors inside your mouths will, as well!

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