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Simple ideas to do on your birthday

Simple ideas to do on your birthday

Birthday is considered the most special day of your life. Having another year added on to your age is a blessing, as well as being older. If you still don’t have plans for your upcoming birthday, we listed some of the simple ideas you might want to do. 

Get excited and amped on your birthday eve.

The celebration of the night before your birthday is also called “Salubong”. A lot of people actually do not do this, but it is also exciting to celebrate your birthday eve. You can have a simple slumber party with your family and friends, and enjoy popcorn and movies. You can also have a night out with your friends in a bar or a club. Dance just a little bit so you can still prepare for your big day.

Prepare for a birthday photoshoot.

Every birthday should be memorable. Having a birthday photoshoot is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Even if you do not have a budget for renting a professional photographer, remember that you can always do it yourself. There are also a lot of available tutorials that you can watch on YouTube or TikTok. Dress in your favorite clothes, or you can also rent a costume if you like to have it themed. 

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Give time and pamper yourself.

Your birthday is your biggest day, and you should treat yourself more than anyone. If you don’t like to have a party or even a mini celebration, just reward yourself with relaxation. Go to your favorite spa, and have a whole-body massage. Pass by the salon and have your hair and nails done. Go to your favorite cafe, or have a picnic by the seashore. Live your life to the fullest because you deserve it.

Simple ideas to do on your birthday
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