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Young artists’ vision for the future shines in Pilipinas Shell’s 55th National Students Art Competition

Young artists’ vision for the future shines in Pilipinas Shell’s 55th National Students Art Competition

Pilipinas Shell’s 55th National Students Art Competition showcases the spirit of the theme of ‘Sulong Sining’, which means a charge towards a brighter and better tomorrow with the use of art.

Top row (L-R): Jonathan Juanillo, SP Advisor for Downstream PH, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation; Conrado Parizal, Country Social Performance (SP) & Social Investment (SI) Manager and Corporate Relations Advisor, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation; Serge Bernal, Vice President for Corporation Relations, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation; Nemi Miranda, Judge, Watercolor; Carlo De Laza, Judge, Sculpture; Daniel Dela Cruz, Judge, Sculpture; Francis “Isko” Andrade, Screener, Oil/Acrylic; Hyacinth Laoke, Screener, DFA; Roland “Olan” Ventura, Judge, Oil/Acrylic; Edgar “Egai” Talusan Fernandez, Judge, Watercolor; Ronald Ventura, Judge, Oil/Acrylic; Dennis Marasigan, Vice President and Artistic Director of the Cultural Center of the Philippines; Jonathan Joven, Screener, Oil/Acrylic, Watercolor, Sculpture; and Thomas Daquiaog, Screener, Oil/Acrylic, Watercolor, Sculpture.

Middle row (L-R): Shara Mae Chan, 2nd place, Watercolor; John Michael Flores Ramos, 1st Place, Watercolor; John Romer Pavilando, 3rd place, Sculpture; Mherlo Mahinay, 1st place, Sculpture; Marko Sarmiento, 2nd place, Oil/Acrylic; Luke Eidref Agapito Berja, 2nd place, Sculpture; Densen James Almeda, 1st place, Oil/Acrylic; Earl Marie Pabinguit, 1st place, Digital Fine Arts; Clark Myer Arquio, 3rd place, Oil/Acrylic; Xymon Cadric Calayag, 3rd place, Digital Fine Arts; Louise Gabrielle Abing, 2nd place, Digital Fine Arts; and Khaila Mae Faustor, 3rd place, Watercolor; and Rodel Fesariton, Finalist, Oil/Acrylic.

Bottom row (L-R): Mark Francis Abaigar, Finalist, Oil and Acrylic; John Aaron; Regino Abiño Jr., Finalist, Sculpture; Paolo Felices, Finalist, Sculpture; Justin Golloso, Finalist, Watercolor; John Harvey Camay, Finalist, Digital Fine Arts; Pamela Paula Maceda, Finalist, Oil/Acrylic; Aaron Ivan Manubay, Finalist, Sculpture; John Clister Santos, Finalist, Digital Fine Arts; Carl Angelo Salva, Finalist, Digital Fine Arts; Romeo Nungay III, Finalist, Watercolor; and Aaron Claude Iñosa, Finalist, Sculpture.

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation’s 55th National Students Art Competition (NSAC) culminated in a showcase of the young artists’ vision for the future and how their creativity is bringing diverse people together. Out of the more than 1,000 students who joined nationwide, three young artists were awarded as winners in each of the artistic categories like Digital Fine Arts, Sculpture, Watercolor, and Oil and Acrylic.

Serge Bernal, Pilipinas Shell’s Vice President for Corporate Relations, acknowledged the students’ “tenacity and eagerness to be part of the movement for a better world.” He said that the artworks evoke “hope, courage, and optimism, which is what we really need in times like these.” He thanked the artists for giving their efforts and creative juices in keeping Shell NSAC alive despite the challenges that the pandemic has brought to the art world. National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Chairperson Rene R. Escalante commended all the artists, saying, “Putting your art out there for everyone to see takes courage… [which is] a value we want for every Filipino artist.” He also recognized NSAC as Shell’s “contribution to nation-building which empowers the young artists of tomorrow.”

Ayala Museum Director Mariles Gustilo lauded NSAC’s “Sulong Sining” theme for its “timely message about charging forward through art to lead the nation to a better, brighter future.

This theme fits what we are valiantly pursuing today in the aftermath of the pandemic: we persistently and consistently forge great paths ahead. NSAC has not only showcased the youth’s artistic prowess but reaches new generations through Filipino art.”

Dennis Marasigan, Vice President and Artistic Director of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), also pointed out art’s “supreme function: making our lives better than we live it … Without art, mankind could not exist.” He also encouraged all the artists, “Always stay optimistic for our country for the trials ahead. Let us all make good art, and make it an expression of who we are and what we believe in.”

The first-place winners in all categories were awarded P60,000 each, while the second-place winners and third-place winners individually received P40,000 and P30,000 respectively.

The following are the NSAC Awardees per category:

Digital Fine Arts

“Akong Makita. Akong Masulti. Akong Mabuhat” Earl Marie Pabinguit from Cebu Technological University
1st place, Digital Fine Arts

“The Avenue”
Louise Gabrielle Abing from Mindanao State University – General Santos
2nd place, Digital Fine Arts

Xymon Cadric Calayag from Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology
3rd place, Digital Fine Arts


“Generational String”
Mherlo Mahinay from the University of the Philippines – Diliman
1st place, Sculpture

“Ang Paglayag Ni Juan”
Luke Eidref Agapito Berja from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines
2nd place, Sculpture

“Hangang Pampang”
John Romer Pavilando from Tarlac State University
3rd place, Sculpture


“Pag-asa, Dalangin at Pangarap”
John Michael Flores Ramos from Tarlac State University
1st place, Watercolor

“Mulat at Nagmamasid”
Shara Mae Chan from De La Salle University – Manila
2nd place, Watercolor

“Keep The Fire Burning”
Khaila Mae Faustor from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines
3rd place, Watercolor

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Oil and Acrylic

“Upturned Façade”
Densen James Almeda from the University of the Philippines – Cebu.
1st place, Oil and Acrylic

Marko Sarmiento from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines
2nd place, Oil and Acrylic

“A Glimpse of Hope and Life”
Clark Myer Arquio from University of the Philippines – Cebu
3rd place, Oil and Acrylic

Seasoned, prominent artists served as the Shell NSAC judges, namely: Nemi Miranda, Edgar Doctor, and Edgar “Egai” Talusan Fernandez for the Watercolor Category; Francis ‘Isko’ Andrade, Ronald Ventura, and Rolando Ventura for the Oil and Acrylic Category; Daniel Dela Cruz, Jan Leeroy New, and Carlo De Laza for the Sculpture Category; and Jose Tence Ruiz, Pablo Biglang-Awa Jr., and Victor Balanon for the Digital Fine Arts category.

The 55th Shell NSAC was sponsored by Bakuna Hero Health and Medical Services, McDonald’s, Grab, and Phirst Park Homes Inc.

Partners such as Anima Art Space, Art Elaan Gallery, Ayala Museum, Blanco Family art Museum, Iloilo Museum for Contemporary Art, Modeka Creative Space, Museo Iloilo, Orange Project, Stuart Gallery, and The Kabilin Center of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., helped make the 55th Shell NSAC possible.

To learn more about future Shell NSAC and related events, please visit: https://shell.com.ph/juanartnation

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