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#Tumindig: Why is it important for us to speak up against *them*?

#Tumindig: Why is it important for us to speak up against *them*?


Decades ago, most people were submissive to authorities. Some countries don’t even have that much freedom. As one decides to stand up and speak, the others will follow. That’s how powerful speaking up is. And, when the voices have been collected, it can create a powerful narrative for the people. Lately, Tarantadong Kalbo started the narrative of #Tumindig where it showcases a fist standing up among other fists.

#Tumindig: Why is it important for us to speak up against *them*?

Moreover, Tarantadong Kalbo’s #Tumindig symbolizes the strength of an individual to fight for their people.

Followed by other prominent artists, the other fists started to stand up too by drawing themselves in the photo. Furthermore, this shows how powerful being brave and voicing out is. Many of the netizens are in awe of this trend because it inspires people that they’re just as powerful as the authorities.

Moreover, people are the ones who elected them but in the long run, some of them seem to forget that their voice matters, too. In the first place, we already have our suffrage or the right to vote. From that, we already have the power to elect rightful individuals based on their platforms.

For a little bit of enlightenment, speaking up is one of our constitutional rights.

Just like how Attorney Chel Diokno said in one of his TikTok videos. He described constitutional law as the 10 commandments. Moreover, the 10 commandments are the basic rules that we have to follow in our lives just like the constitutional laws.


Answer to @sayhitonate How will I explain the essence and importance of our constitution to a 10 year old? #fyp #foryouph #cheltok

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The constitutional law has your back when speaking up.

Under the 1987 Constitution, Article III, Section 4: “No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances

This grants people the right to voice out opinions, criticisms for the officials, and to peaceably assemble protests. However, such rights need regulation and not prohibition for everyone’s safety. Regulate the people but never prohibit their voices because it’s already in their rights bestowed by law.

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Moreover, great power comes with great responsibility. Having power over your opinions should have facts to have that stronghold of your advocacies. You cannot spit out opinions without having a little knowledge about a certain thing.

However, people can still choose not to join those protests to care for their safety, especially during this pandemic. Backed up by the Industrial Peace Act, a person can choose not to engage in any rallies for the laborers.

All in all, Tarantadong Kalbo’s #Tumindig narrative is a great representation of the people’s power.

The ability to speak up is already a great power that could make a change across the country and its future. But still, keep yourselves safe because speaking up and protesting can be dangerous, too. However, use your powers wisely because the constitutional law got your back!

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