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Things I Learned From Korean Drama ‘Because This Is My First Life’

Things I Learned From Korean Drama ‘Because This Is My First Life’

Sometimes little sacrifices need to be made to give way for other essential things.

I spent the first few days of the new year watching more Korean dramas than usual, despite the epidemic, thanks to Netflix’s expansion of its Korean offerings in 2019.

Since I feel like I have seen them all, I only watch newly released kdramas. Because This Is My First Life was recommended to me by a close friend, and I didn’t have any other kdramas on my watch list, I decided to give it a shot.

tvN debuted the series in 2017 with Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki as the show’s main draws. The series’s strong ensemble cast helped convey a realistic portrayal of marriage, parenthood, friendship, and professional success.

The protagonist of “Because This Is My First Life” (Jung So Min) is Yoon Ji-ho, a recent graduate of Seoul National University who aspires to be a published author. Her resume looked impressive on paper, but after college, she was stuck working as an assistant to a better-known but dim-witted screenwriter. When his brother became a new father at a young age, she and her family had little choice but to make room in their home for the new mother and her unborn child. She was paying the rent on it, but she left nevertheless to pursue her literary career. She was so desperate for a place to stay that she ended up renting from Nam Se Hee, and then she married him.

Nam Se Hee (Lee Min-Ki) is a nerdy computer engineer whose world revolves around his job, cat, and a 30-year mortgage. He appeased his folks by securing a “wife” and a reliable stream of supplementary income.

Things I learned from ‘Because This Is My First Life

Don’t worry too much. Just because you lived through yesterday doesn’t mean you know everything about today.

Your value is not contingent on what other people think. Your worth is established solely by you.

A relationship grows steadily not only with love but with the everyday practice of mutual respect too.

If you truly want someone to be a part of your life, you must let them see your flaws. The romance will stagnate if neither of you is prepared to make any adjustments or talk to the other.

Because This Is My First Life focused hard on developing a realistic context. It makes the inner workings of each character crystal plain so that you can understand their goals and desires.

Marriage is more than just a document shared by two people. It is sharing a piece of YOU with ANOTHER PERSON so you can mutually grow in your new life together.

Take care of your “star pocket.” There are moments in life that sparkle. Whenever that happens, save those moments in your star pocket! When you face hard times or are sad, take a star from that pocket and find the power you need.

Marriage is not always a bed of roses, but “collecting small, little stars in your pocket” is a beautiful metaphor. The sheen can fade every once in a while. The key to rekindling the flame is looking past each other’s flaws.

Everyone has Room 19 of their own. No matter how close they are with others, they don’t want them to find out about that room. No matter how comfortable they feel around others, they can’t invite them to that room.

Every couple has their own “Room 19,” or private space. Forcefully unlocking this room is strictly forbidden. If you enter a room, make yourself at home only if you’re welcome to.

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A heart isn’t something that is taken or grabbed. It just comes to you.

Having patience isn’t enough; you also need to recognize opportunity when it presents itself.

I think I’ve already become a failure in this life. But I’ll try my best.

Words are born from people’s mouths. And die in their ears. But some words don’t die. They go into people’s hearts. And survive.

Keep an open heart and mind; life is difficult for everyone.

All these events occurred while they were living together, and they all ended up altering the trajectory of their relationship. What was initially considered a “practical deal” had more profound significance for them.

A story like Because This Is My First Life would win my heart very soon. Watching Se Hee and the gangs’ love story throughout a single night will make you sigh and ponder the sweet little moments of being in love, and it will also provide a welcome change of pace from the usual romance stories.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting married, this yolo drama will convince you to put your reservations about a long-term commitment to rest. I enthusiastically propose that everyone watch the touching romance between Se Hee and Ji Ho. It’s like getting candy from a Kdrama star.

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