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Money Heist Season 4 set to debut on April 3, only on Netflix

Money Heist Season 4 set to debut on April 3, only on Netflix


The global phenomenon will be back this April 2020! Money Heist (La casa de papel) Part 4 begins in chaos. The professor thinks that Lisbon has been executed, Rio and Tokyo have blown up an army tank and Nairobi is struggling between life and death. The gang is going through one of its toughest moments and the rise of an enemy among its ranks will put the heist in serious danger.


The most famous gang returns with The Profesor, Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Lisbon, Rio, Stockholm, Denver, Helsinki, Marseille, Bogotá, and Palermo. Inspector Sierra, Coronel Tamayo, Coronel Prieto, Angel, and Suárez give life to the police force who will try to destroy the “resistance.”

Other cast includes Pep Munné (Governor), Enrique Arce (Arturo Román), Kiti Manver (Mariví) and José Manuel Poga (Gandía).

In fact, Money Heist became an instant success after Netflix picked it up to air internationally. The first two seasons had aired on Antenna 3 in Spain before becoming a full Netflix Original for season 3. Meanwhile, season 3 of Money Heist released on Netflix on July 19th, 2019.

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