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Maxene Magalona spoke out about her mental health struggles

Maxene Magalona spoke out about her mental health struggles


Actress Maxene Magalona took to Instagram to share to her followers about her past struggles with her mental health. She, then, emphasized how the stigma associated with mental disorders prevents people from seeking professional help.

Maxene admitted to having sought psychiatric help for the first time on Wednesday, May 20.

Read Maxene Magalona’s full post below:

“I’ve always wondered why it’s socially acceptable for people with physical illnesses to go to the hospital for treatment while those with mental health conditions have to hide and pretend like they don’t have it? A couple of years ago, I found myself under a lot of stress, dealing with bouts of anxiety and having episodes of rage. I was an adult having embarrassing tantrums but I couldn’t really understand where all the anger was coming from. When I was drunk, I would punch and kick doors, cry uncontrollably and scream as though I was calling out for help. This was the reason I quit drinking alcohol and finally began seeking psychiatric help early last year,” she started.

Hesitations, at first

Just like anybody else who shares the same struggle, Maxene also felt hesitant to seek a help of psychiatrist, as she thought that psychiatric therapy was for people who were “insane.”

“But I was determined to find out the root cause of my problems so I mustered up the courage to go and to be honest, it was one of the best decisions I ever made,” she said.

“My therapist helped me figure out that I was experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition known as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or C-PTSD which is a psychological disorder that can develop due to prolonged and repeated interpersonal trauma. This was the reason why I was feeling helpless and had difficulty controlling my emotions. After we figured out what the problem was, I began taking the necessary steps to heal such as regular therapy, daily yoga, meditation and prayer,” she added.

Her struggles as a public figure

As an actress, Maxene didn’t want to be seen at a psychiatric clinic. She even recalled going to the hospital wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap in an attempt to be unrecognizable to the public.

“But now, especially with what’s going on in the world today, I believe it’s time we #endthestigma of mental health and start talking about it so that those who need help won’t be afraid to seek it,” she said.

“Remember that #youarenotyourmind and although thoughts can be overwhelming, trust that you have the power to heal your past traumas and pain. I’m actually glad I found out about my condition because it made me connect to God more than anything and I believe in my heart that He was the one who helped me through it all,” she ended.


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