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Jiggly Caliente: The Woman That We All Aspire To Be

Jiggly Caliente: The Woman That We All Aspire To Be

Before being a resident judge in Drag Race Philippines, Jiggly Caliente was Bianca Castro’s first. She was born in Laguna, Philippines, and moved abroad with her family at the age of ten. In the USA, Jiggly found her passion and climbed to success with the help of RuPaul’s Drag Race (RPDR). But even though she’s at the top now, she never forgets to look back. 

Here are the reasons why Jiggly Caliente is the kind of woman we should all aspire to be.

She Oozes of Kindness 

By giving away costumes, shoes, and wigs, the Filipino drag queens quickly fell in love with Jiggly. As I have observed, the way she approaches the drag queens in Drag Race PH shows that she has a certain special bond with them.

Photo | Business World Online

Not only does she give away pasalubong like the OFW tita that she is, but she also attends various shows to support other queens. Because of Jiggly’s character and values, she automatically became the Ate of the Philippine drag scene.   

She is not Afraid to be Blunt 

What I like most about Jiggly is that she is frank. She will tell you what you need to hear because she wants you to improve. She knows how to impart what she experienced on the main stage and pass it on to her sisters.

Photo | GMA Network

With the right words and without any biases, she knows how to root for her fellow queens. That is the reason why she deserved to be up there, sitting among the judges of Drag Race PH

She is Grounded 

Yes, Jiggly speaking in Tagalog is just a bare minimum, we know. But her ability to relate to the Philippines’ pop culture, jokes, and traditions shows how grounded she is.

This proves that, despite migrating at such a young age, Jiggly did not sever herself from her parents’ culture. That is saying something, especially in times like ours, right?

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Jiggly knows her Brand 

This is very evident even before she became the Jiggly that is gracing Philippine TV nowadays. We have witnessed how she endured sewing challenges and harsh critiques from the judges in RPDR.

Those, of course, made a mark on her, but it did not diminish her brand. She did absorb some of it and used it to fuel her will to achieve her dreams. And Henny, look where she is now. 

She is our Ate, our OFW tita, our very own Filipina drag queen; and we will always call her Jiggly. 

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