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Meet Valorant’s Agent 22, Gekko

Meet Valorant’s Agent 22, Gekko

Gekko from Valorant

Valorant’s newest agent, Gekko, quickly became a community favorite due to his fun looks and quirky skills. Who wouldn’t love a green-haired kid with a crew of silly little creatures who help him in his missions?

To kick off Episode 6 Act 2, Riot Games introduced Valorant‘s 22nd agent, Gekko, together with Dizzy, Wingman, Thrash, and Mosh through an official teaser. The title, “greater than one”, is also the name of the track used, in partnership with ericdoa.

The teaser featured Gekko’s carefree and somewhat goofy personality that made the community fall for him. Moreover, one of the highlights is how Reyna, one of the most intense characters in the game, softens when they interact. Her mentor role became one of the things that are often talked about after the video was released.

Meet Valorant’s Agent 22, Gekko

Taken from Episode 6: Act II Kickoff on Valorant’s YouTube page

Gekko the Angeleno leads a tight-knit crew of calamitous creatures. His buddies bound forward, scattering enemies out of the way, with Gekko chasing them down to regroup and go again.

– Valorant’s Official Description of Gekko

As the game’s sixth initiator, we expect Gekko to use his abilities to support duelists when attacking sites. He helps out in flushing enemies out of corners and hiding spots to get ready when the team charges.

When he came out, players consider his abilities as “OP” or overpowered. Because of this, you would often see him in your lobbies as he quickly became one of the most-played agents after release. Even popular streamers and professional players are quick to join in the Gekko hype. In fact, you would often catch SEN TenZ, a fan favorite, using Gekko!

Here’s a quick rundown of his abilities:

Signature Ability: Dizzy

Gekko's Signature Ability: Dizzy

To hurl Dizzy through the air, use E. A plasma blast hits enemies in line of sight, rendering them blind for a second. This ability is free of charge.

Basic Ability #1: Mosh Pit

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To equip Mosh, use C. Left click to throw it like a grenade and right click to throw it underhand. When it lands, Mosh works like a molly that explodes after a short delay. It damages 25-50 per explosion and costs 250 credits.

Basic Ability #2: Wingman

To send Wingman forward, press Q. Left click sends the first enemy blasting while the right click sends him planting or defusing the spike. No matter how far you are from the area, Wingman will find a way to plant or defuse, as long as he is not killed. This ability costs 300 credits.

Gekko’s Ultimate: Thrash

Gekko’s ultimate, Thrash, can be equipped by pressing X. First click links you to her mind to steer through enemy territory. The second click lunges her forward and detains nearby enemies for six seconds. Thrash requires seven ultimate points.

Aside from the precise gunplay, what makes Valorant exciting and different from other first-person shooting games, is how creative you can be with the different abilities. The newest addition to the team, Gekko, gives you lots of freedom on how you can be strategic and at the same time, enjoy while completing the objectives!
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