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Recommending these Valorant agents for newbie gamers

Recommending these Valorant agents for newbie gamers

Valorant is essentially a “First-person Shooting” game or FPS game. These types of games can be tricky to learn because of everything that you have to consider – aiming, movement, distance, map awareness, and the like. One’s hand-eye coordination must also be sharp enough for one to be an effective player.

However, what makes Valorant twice tougher for beginners is that it’s character based. Hence, aside from the factors mentioned above, new players also have to know each agent’s skills and the different roles in the game. Those are quite a lot of pills to take in for newbies!

Beginning to learn Valorant could be a little overwhelming, and I know because I have been there. But fret not, we’re here to recommend you these Valorant agents if you’re new to the game!

Recommending these Valorant agents for newbie gamers


Sage secures the first spot because of her beginner-friendly game mechanics. To start off, her skills are simple: she has an ice wall, a slow orb, a heal, and a revive. Fundamentally, she’s a sentinel support who specializes in aiding her allies. You don’t have to think about much, hence allowing you to focus more on shooting and other objectives.

Sage is perfect for Valorant newbies because she is not expected to do much aside from healing. As for the wall and slow orb, she could easily just use it to block off entrances in sites or other choke points. A slow orb is also just a simple projectile that scatters upon landing; its purpose is straightforward and it is slowing enemies. Now, her ultimate skill is potentially game-changing because it revives a dead teammate. Still, it is easy to use as it only requires you to click X and hover it over an eliminated body to revive them.


Next in line is Omen. Omen is not hard to master because his skills are fairly simple: he has a teleport, blind, smokes, and his ultimate that enables him to reposition anywhere on the map. These mechanics are ideal for Valorant beginners who want to explore maps more.

His smoke utility makes him a great addition to the team as it blocks off choke points and entryways. His smokes are also relatively easier to place compared to other controller agents. His teleport skill also gives him the chance to reposition in unlikely places and make unpredictable plays. He offers various possibilities to someone who’s just starting to familiarize themselves Valorant.


Reyna is my next recommendation. As a duelist, Reyna is born to be a “fragger” – someone who gets a lot of kills. She is equipped with a blind, a heal, and invulnerable in case you want to reposition. Her ultimate makes her twice as formidable because it gives her an attack speed buff, faster reload time, heal, and invisibility (if she gets a kill).

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For me, Reyna is the best duelist pick for newbies because of her utilities. Her blind is useful for entering and defending sites. Her heal also gives new players self-sustenance, making them last longer on the battlefield. And, if they live longer, they could then understand more of the mechanics. Her dismiss also gives you a chance to return to your team for kill trades. Additionally, even if you are still working on your aim, Reyna’s ultimate makes it possible to get frags because of its attack speed. You may run and gun and still get an elimination. Lastly, Reyna’s playstyle challenges new Valorant players to get out of their comfort zone, as she’s only useful if you could secure a kill. You have to hide behind teammates and get out there.


Last but certainly not least is Killjoy. Killjoy is a sentinel who wards off enemies by utilizing her defensive skills. She has a robotic turret, an alarm bot that applies vulnerable, swarm grenades, and an ultimate that locks down a particular area. With these, she can block out opponents’ possible site rush and watch flanks effectively.

What I like about Killjoy is how fun her kit is for someone starting to make their way to game familiarization. For example, her turret, aside from being a watchdog, also constantly shoots enemies for as long as it’s standing. You can just hide somewhere safe and let it do the work for you. For beginners, that could be very exciting because it gives them elimination merits, hence encouraging them more. Her alarm bot and grenades are fun, too, because they are very simple to use yet they give off so much damage and utility.

While these agents are generally easy, who you decide to play still depends on your playstyle and preferences, and these are unique to us. Nonetheless, we dearly hope that this list has helped you out!

If you have any more additions, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section.

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