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Broadcasting Student Essentials

Broadcasting Student Essentials

Laica Cuevas, ABS-CBN News. I never thought of dreaming saying this line not until I stepped into college. Just a short story, PUP or the Polytechnic University of the Philippines is not my dream school. I don’t even know such a school exists. It just happened that my sister pursued me to take the PUP College Entrance Test. And surprisingly, I passed.

During the enrolment, I am certain to take Biology. Yes, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. I envision myself wearing that white coat with my name embroidered on it. But unfortunately, the College of Science does not take students who took General Academic Strand in their Senior High School. So I had no choice.

While crying, with the list of courses in my hand, the “Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting”, drew my attention. After calling my mother, she said “just go for it!” So I went to the College of Communication, I got interviewed, and weeks after I had my first day as a PUPian.

When I thought that it is only your voice that’s needed, there is actually a lot of equipment a broadcasting student must have – that I have no idea about. So if you are dreaming of becoming a broadcaster or destiny wanted you to be one, then this list will be highly beneficial for you.

Broadcasting Student Essentials

Microphone Condenser and Sound Card

Activities of a broadcasting student include doing VOs or the voiceovers and radio segments and programs, solo or in a group. When recording for such assignments, using a microphone condenser easily picks up one’s voice and with the filters it has, it reduces the background noise. Using one will make audio recordings a lot clearer and crispier.

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If you purchase a condenser, make sure it has a soundcard, that’s one mistake I did. Because a mic condenser will not work without one, so they must come together. The sound card is the component used to send and receive audio files in the devices plugged in. This is where you connect your earphones, mic condenser, and devices both for your audio accompaniment and the one for recording.


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Broadcasting students do not only speak, they film. They make documentaries, music videos, short films, advertisements, and other promotional materials. Since the course requires a lot of production assignments, having a camera will be very useful. It is also great for capturing your college memories.

Compact On-Camera Video Microphone

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Compact on-camera video microphones highly differ from a microphone condenser, since they can be attached to the cameras whenever you want to. Microphones of this kind are great when doing interviews or outside reports given that cameras do not have built-in microphones and using one also brings a higher chance of good audio quality.


Photo | Digital Photography School

To avoid shaky and blurry shots, you will need a tripod or a gimbal. Tripods are commonly used for stable and still shots. These are used for videos that do not require too much camera movement or adjustments. Using a tripod allows you to pan the cameras from left to right and shoot panoramic shots without much effort.

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A gimbal, on the other hand, is the handheld device we usually see used by vloggers. Since they film themselves, a gimbal is perfect for their one-man production. Gimbal is suitable to reduce the shakiness of footage giving a clean and smooth video output.


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Softboxes are used for photography, but in small video productions, they can be utilized as a source of light. This controls the shape and the direction of light to blend with the nature of the material you are filming. Softboxes avoid full darkness and produce a natural-looking light when filming at night.


Photo | Jasper Carlo Barleta

Of course, you will need friends, it doesn’t have to be a lot. I only have five, but I admit, college is so much lighter with them. It feels assuring that you don’t need to look for people to group with in every activity, it feels safe around who you are most comfortable with and it feels good to have people who appreciate you and your work more than yourself. They are like the good rain that falls when most needed, they are the people you can always count on.

One’s unfulfilled dreams tend to hold a special place in their heart. I may once dream of becoming a doctor, but I guess fate tells me that a microphone suits me better than a syringe. I have done this list only to serve as your guide if you want to take the path of a media practitioner, but not having them must not stop you from achieving your dream.

For now, this is Laica Cuevas. Village Pipol Magazine.  

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