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Lyqa Maravilla talks about creativity in education at the Likha: Creative Entrepreneurship Summit

Lyqa Maravilla talks about creativity in education at the Likha: Creative Entrepreneurship Summit

Lyqa Maravilla, RPM is an online educational content creator. She is also an author, podcast host, and resource speaker. She started making free content on YouTube in 2013 to help people pass aptitude exams like the Civil Service Exam, Licensure Exam for Teachers, and college entrance exams. This, then, birthed a community of learners from all around the Philippines who call themselves Team Lyqa.

Lyqa Maravilla talks about creativity in education at the Likha: Creative Entrepreneurship Summit

Creativity in education

Lyqa Maravilla started off with a question, “Idioms. Why do we have, use, and make more of them?” The reason why she started talking about it revolves around the need for creativity in schools, classrooms, or wherever we want to learn new things. 

An idiom is a phrase or an expression that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase. She started off by defining the Tagalog word diskarte which has no direct one-word English translation. However, she pointed out that Spanish translation exists, deskartes, which means to throw away or discard.

Then, Lyqa added that it probably all started during the Spanish colonization era.

“Indio! We don’t like this anymore. Deskartes. And, what did the Filipinos do? Ah, didiskartehan ko ito.”

“Fitting a square peg in a round hole.”

When somebody tells you this, they’re just saying that you don’t fit in here. But, Maravilla said something to make this all better.

“Make the whole bigger. Making something out of nothing.”

Vision is seeing what others don’t see while the invention is creating what others haven’t. Innovation means repurposing what others use and enterprise refers to completing what was started. 

“Being a jack of all trades.”

Sometimes, people use this in a negative way. However, Lyqa doesn’t believe in the negative connotation of this phrase.

“Means you can do more. You can help more.”

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Lyqa’s vision points to educating as many people as possible. Her invention revolves around being an educational content creator. When Maravilla started, she was one of the only people who was doing it on YouTube. Then, her innovation comes in when TikTok started getting millions of users. Used as an entertainment platform, Lyqa used it as another platform to educate as many people as she can. And, her enterprise continues as she goes on to complete what she had started. 

“Teaching an old dog new tricks.”

Lyqa pointed out how people can solve mathematical equations in a creative way. She tested attendees on solving a simple 98×12 equation.

“You can teach an old dog new tricks. But, you can’t teach them through old ways.”

Lyqa noted how some people would think about how close 98 is to 100. So, they would multiply 100 by 12. Then, subtract 24 from its total. That’s when you get the result of the original equation despite it not being the “old way” of solving it.

Lyqa Maravilla is only one of the five speakers that spoke during the Likha: Creative Entrepreneurship Summit. Other speakers included Kia Abrera, AJ Dimarucot, Prim Paypon, and the one and only Chris Do. The summit aimed to help out freelancers, agencies, and Filipino creatives. This happened last weekend from September 17 to 18, 2022. It also brought Filipino creative talents to a global scale and pursued community-driven growth and impact as one. 

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