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Perils of Living Away from Home

Perils of Living Away from Home

Living away from home alone can be extremely overwhelming in the beginning. When you move away from home, it excites you that you can do whatever you want. Getting furniture for your new apartment and packing your belongings might be exciting. There will no longer be a curfew policy. There will be no yelling only to run errands for your siblings and sisters. Finally, you are granted the opportunity to live on your own. And you thought you had the life you desired, free of constraints.

Most individuals assume that moving away from home is the only ticket to freedom. Some feel it is the only way to escape the monotony of life at home, not realizing that it means living in sorrow and despair.

Away From Family

Like a lot, I left home for college at 18. I felt anxious when my parents sent me miles away from them. But that doesn’t stop me from taking chances and following my dreams.

There are several mishaps to tell, but let me dwell on how I mismanage my finances. I recall receiving my first allowance. Now, allowances are given monthly and weekly, rather than 50 pesos per day. And I got excited that things got out of hand. I bought unnecessary stuff for the apartment without limiting my expenses. I get everything that catches my attention that I thought I needed. And it was too late to know that I was running out of money. How will I survive if I only have 200 pesos for the next two weeks? That was insane, right? I know!

It’s all fun and games until you realize that you are now the one in charge of your life. You are on your own now.  There will be no one to take care of you, unlike at the comfort of your home. On sick days, I prefer my mom’s dishes but I have no option but to be strong and take care of myself. I got no one to talk to. I can’t just easily throw away tantrums when life gets really hard. And it is very upsetting to celebrate birthdays without them. Your family won’t be able to look out for you because they are far away. No one is going to cook meals for you. No one is going to remind you to do the chores. They won’t be there anymore to wake you up and force you out of bed.

You have to do everything on your own.

Missing Home

Freedom comes with a price. But I didn’t know that the price would be too much for me to handle. I thought living away from home would give me peace and happiness, but I was wrong. 

I spent my days missing my family. No one knows that when I’m alone at night I cry myself to sleep, missing home. I am longing for the noise inside our house. It’s the only noise I’d like to hear again. I miss my brothers. Days are boring without them; no cat fights, no yelling and crying over trivial matters. I miss the stupid jokes. I miss the everyday fiesta-like meals at the dining. The contagious laughter of my mother, and even the dance of my niece. I miss everything at home.

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We often take things for granted. When we grow too comfortable and complacent, we tend to lose sight of what truly matters. Every moment we spend with our loved ones should be appreciated and treasured. When you live away from your family, you will realize how important they are. Hence, family comes first,  instead of hanging out with your pals, you’d rather spend time with your family at home because family is everything. Everyone else may abandon you, but your family will never. They were the first to have faith in you.

I wish I could go home.

Because I’ll never use to live away from home.

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