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Unveiling the concealed emotion of an irregular student

Unveiling the concealed emotion of an irregular student

Irregular students felt left out most of the time. And that’s the undiscussed fact.

Not all people are privileged enough to enroll in a university and take their dream programs. Some took them due to practicality. Some even stopped for a while because of several personal reasons.

It’s challenging enough for regular students, but the challenges that irregular ones encounter every day might perhaps be more difficult to handle.

POV of an irregular student

Due to excessive stress, Geneva Ordoveza, a PUP student studying office management technology, chose to discontinue for one academic year. Because her mind was so preoccupied with her inappropriately failing a subject, it had a significant negative impact on her mental health.

Her mother supported her with her decision but she felt pressured by the reaction of her father. People around her did not expect her decision but understood her reasons later on.

“I am proud yet quite envious that my friends are graduating and I am not there yet.”


Her friends are about to graduate this year, and yet she’s not because she’s an irregular student. Even so, she’s proud of what her friends have accomplished so far. She knew that they worked hard for it and they deserve what they have right now.

Not thinking too much of the decision she made last year helped Geneva has accepted what she has at the moment. It will just cause anxiety and self-pity, which later results in low self-esteem.

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Cope up and never give up

Most irregular students are reluctant to voice out what they feel because they fear the judgments of the people around them.

The same case with Geneva, she’s not vocal with her feelings. She tends to think that no one can understand her and what she’s going through. That is why she opted to keep it to herself.

Thinking of her family, especially her mother, motivates her to continue her study. There were a lot of times that she wanted to quit her studies and just find a job so she could support her family financially. Her mother, on the other hand, had always believed in her and hoped that she would finish her studies.

No matter what the circumstances are, as long as you have the opportunity to study, grab it.

Always be sensitive and choose to be considerate with your classmates, of course with limitations. Because you do not know what they are going through and being kind is free, so might as well be one.

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