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5 Must-Watch Holiday Rom-Coms to Fuel the Christmas Spirit

5 Must-Watch Holiday Rom-Coms to Fuel the Christmas Spirit

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Romance and the holiday cheers are the perfect ingredients for a recipe for the classic night in with the gang. A night full of romance tropes, feels, screams, and tears are the best way to spend the evening. Here are some highly festive romcoms that every rom-com enthusiast should consider watching! Be ready to have your world painted red and green to celebrate the festive festivities with your heart full and pumping with Christmas joy!

5 Must-Watch Holiday Rom-Coms to Fuel the Christmas Spirit

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

One would say the ever-so-perfect way to start off with a bang for the holiday season. This chaotic film embodies the true meaning of romance and campiness that 2000s rom-coms are widely recognized for. Known because of its fair share of comedy, camp, drama, and raunchiness, the movie explores the trials and tribulations of the life-crisis adventures of Bridget Jones.  Featuring the amazing Renée Zellweger, the British prince charming Hugh Grant, and the charismatic Colin Firth. This movie will surely have you screaming at the screen for how absurdly confusing yet fun it is. 

Serendipity (2001)

Recognized for the acting prowess of Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack in the film, Serendipity is surely another top must-watch. Heartfelt, sweet, and humorous are what describe this film and its romantic plot. The magic of romance with a touch of playfulness of fate, this movie takes the cake in the romance department. As they navigate through the busy streets of New York City, they discover that destiny has its own tricks. An automatic fan-favorite for hopeless romantics, the movie itself proves that life and fate will always find a way. Witness Jonathan and Sara’s hectic and troublesome crossing of paths as they find each other’s way to their hearts.

The Holiday (2006)

Leaving everything behind, moving to a new country, and finding the perfect guy to fall in love with? Who hasn’t had that dream? The Holiday, a rom-com film focused on reinventing and rediscovering one’s self, is one for the books. Starring the story of a column editor and the tales of a workaholic movie trailer producer who grew sick and tired of their own distraught love stories.

Wanting an escape from reality, Cameron Diaz decides to escape the big city by putting up her house for an offer of a home swap. Stumbling upon the offer, Kate Winslet agrees to swap her small yet cozy cottage for Diaz’s luxury home. However, things take a turn as Winslet bonds with one of Diaz’s acquaintances played by Jack Black as Diaz gets comfortable with Winslet’s brother played by Jude Law. Experience a rollercoaster of emotions with this mess of a love story and feel all the butterflies in your stomach as they rekindle their own flames.

See Also

Love Hard (2021)

Some say that love appears in the most unexpected of ways and situations, but Natalie didn’t expect it to be like this. A modern-day love story where she swipes right and flies out of L.A., but things don’t go as planned as she finds out she’s been catfished by a fake dating profile. In this light-hearted romantic comedy, join Nina Dobrev and Jimmy Yang as they navigate through the world of modern dating. With old and new dating difficulties, they face a new set of struggles that make their situation much more complicated. Fake dating, hidden feelings, new emotions, what else is there to look for?!

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Considered a cinematic romantic comedy classic, this 1989 film sets the bar for not only Holiday Rom-Coms but the Romantic Comedy genre in general. A series of issues, parting of ways, and complications affected their friendship. However, they didn’t expect it to push their connection further rather than just breaking it off. It stars Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal, Carrie Fisher, and Bruno Kirby. This realistic romantic comedy creates a new standard for how romcoms are portrayed, with a touch of angst. Seek the story of two friends as they explore the boundaries of friendship between a man and a woman.

What else are you waiting for? Grab a bowl of popcorn, and your favorite blanket, and set the mood with these movies! Don’t forget to invite friends and family to make the streaming session worthwhile.

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