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What’s your blood type? A Korean’s way of getting to know you

What’s your blood type? A Korean’s way of getting to know you

If you’ve lived in or even visited Korea, you may have observed that many people question, What’s your blood type? This is a typical Korean question, along with how old are you? In Korea, asking about someone’s blood type is fine, especially on a blind date. Koreans think each has its personality and may predict a person’s mood and compatibility.

Don’t be surprised! What’s your blood type? is Korean’s way of getting to know you

Who started this?

Masahiko Nomi used to be a Tokyo University student who developed the blood type personality theory. His first book, Understanding Affinity by Blood Type was a 1970s bestseller. South Korea and Taiwan in Asia now use the idea. What does this mean?

Let’s check if your blood type matches your personality.


According to a Korean chart, A people are diplomatic and friendly. They like to be alone and may feel uncomfortable in crowds or events. Their hearts are weak and easily injured. Therefore they take time to trust. Others may assume they are snobs since persons with A are skilled at disguising their sentiments and don’t talk about them much. Getting to know someone with Blood Type A takes time and patience. They’re nice and down-to-earth once you get to know them. They’re always on time and strive for excellence. So, people think they’re perfectionists.


B kinds are the most extroverted, according to a Korean chart. They’re independent and care about their interests. Type Bs are continuously looking for new things to do and are confident. They express what they think regardless of the other person’s feelings, so you might assume they’re self-centered.

Blood type B men have a negative reputation in Korea since they’re considered playboys. Don’t worry; B isn’t just for playboys, despite its importance. B people are interested, honest, and prefer to be the focus of attention.

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Active, helpful, and friendly, remark others. Blood type O persons are born leaders. They know how to state what they think while yet being pleasant. Others assume they’re steady and in charge because they can control their emotions. CEOs and coworkers in Korea like blood type O because of its qualities. Even though they appear tough, they’re quite sensitive. People with O are scared to show how they feel. They burn out trying to be perfect.


People who have this are either dubbed geniuses or psychos. Their personalities blend with A and B, making them unpredictable. Their characters fluctuate swiftly based on mood and situation, and they don’t always have control. Type ABs are logical thinkers. Thus they struggle with incredible things. Because of this, individuals may have problems getting along with others and appear grumpy or dishonest.

How about you? What’s your blood type?

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