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Stop romanticizing cheating; it’s a choice, not a mistake.

Stop romanticizing cheating; it’s a choice, not a mistake.

Cheating is a choice. Sometimes, we fail to realize that life is a matter of choices. You choose to cheat and that’s your decision. So, there are no valid excuses why cheaters cheat. Cheaters remain conscious and fully aware of their actions. However, some people romanticize this wrong act. Take note that romanticizes means “idealize.” But, cheating is not something to brag about. A morally wrong action would never be right.

For you to understand the context, I’ll give you some tea to sip. Here are some reasons why you should leave the table when respect is no longer being served.


1. It is a choice, not a mistake.

Cheaters are cowards. So, they put the blame on their lame excuses like “I was drunk,” or “I’m not in the right mind.” You think their reasons are valid. But, I’ll tell you right now, it is not. Maybe they’re not really on their mind or they don’t have one. Either of the two, sweetie.

2. Self-destruction

Infidelity will certainly destroy you. No matter how small or big the sin, it will affect you. Cheating is cheating. You will start losing your confidence, self-esteem, and trust. As well as asking yourself where you lack. Your mental health will be at risk. Also, your emotional state will be unstable. It will haunt everything and bring self-destruction to you. So, why would you allow something that will ruin you?

3. Toleration

Ellen Adarna once said, “You deserve what you tolerate.” Know your worth honey, you deserve more than that. Stop tolerating something that is not right at all. History will just repeat itself if you let it happen. Even though it has nothing to do with you but the people around you, you should still stop it. Tolerating someone who cheats has no difference with cheaters.

Nevertheless, I am not stereotyping that all cheaters have no room for change. It’s for you to decide when it’s time to stay or to leave. Hence, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Yet, one thing is for sure, we should stop romanticizing cheating.

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