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Misconception about a fangirl’s standards

Misconception about a fangirl’s standards

Recently, I saw a post of screenshots of a conversation between a fangirl and an uncertain guy. This man was throwing tantrums on how the girl expects too much for guys like him, that the girl’s standards make people so insecure. He felt they needed to be like the girl’s idol for them to feel satisfaction.

Then, the girl spitted facts about her type. She set her own standards not to be hurt and she veer away from it to not hurt people who like her, or forget what makes her happy just for other people.


And as a fangirl myself, I agree with this girl. Yet, I have my own explanation about this misconception. We like and love what kind of person our favorite celebrities are. They make us happy that some cannot just do, even their looks and their talents.

However, it does not necessarily mean that we want a partner who looks like them and acts like them. You do not need to be someone else to meet our standards. The only thing we want you to do is emulate is how they treat and make us happy.

Imagine a person who does not really know us, who we only see on screen makes us feel special. That can be the best feeling for a woman. What more if they really meet that kind of person? What a big deal for a lady who fears the idea of being broken and hurt. Who would want a partner that only brings pain in their life? That’s not normal, dude.

Additionally, why would someone feel insecure about someone else? That would only mean that you think of yourself as lacking, that you are not capable of making someone happy. Of course, if you don’t exert effort and bring out the best in you, you’ll end up on the losing side. Obviously, no one wants a loser, they also want the best for themselves.

Be the best version

So, stop the viral virus today. Don’t be such a manipulative sad boy. Don’t make idols as an excuse of stopping you from being someone who deserves a woman’s heart. We did not say you have to compete with Enhypen Sunghoon, BTS’ Jungkook, Astro Cha Eunwoo, and Park Seojun. Because, in reality, you cannot really win against them. They already have something to be proud of that everyone would pray they can reach it.

Fangirl Standard

Therefore, instead of throwing tantrums over a girl, be a man, don’t be such a jerk. If you really like someone, don’t be better, be the best person for them. You don’t really have to imitate someone else just to be the standard, be your true self. Treat them as to how you want to be treated.  A fan will always be a fan looking up to their idols. Don’t stop them from the things that make them happy. Instead, join them and be their happiness too. Be you and be the standard.

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