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K-Drama ‘Jinxed at First’ — a Love Brought by Fate and Luck

K-Drama ‘Jinxed at First’ — a Love Brought by Fate and Luck

Goddess of fortune meets the boy that brings misfortune in an enchanted K-Drama romance Jinxed at First starring SNSD’s Seohyun and Na In-woo.

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We’re just mirrors of your hearts. Desire, hope, ugliness, and even kindness. We are mirrors that reflect all of your inner world.

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K-Drama ‘Jinxed at First’ — a Love Brought by Fate and Luck

Disclaimer: This may contain minor spoilers.

Inspired by the Disney movie The Little Mermaid, KBS2’s Jinxed at First premiered this year on June 15, based on Han Ji-hye’s Kakao webtoon Jinxui Yeonin. The K-Drama revolves around a fantasy romance between a sheltered shaman Seul-bi (Seohyun), and a humble yet unlucky prince-like Soo-kwang (Na In-woo). However, fantasy meets reality as Seul-bi and Soo-kwang deal with their forbidden love and a family’s generational curse.

In between luck or a curse, the two’s unpredictable and wholesome love story is met with a twisted fate. Will their love conquer everything despite their life’s complexities? Hence, this eye-opening series will surely keep you on the hook and binging for days.

Behind the mysterious wall

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Inside a hidden room, lies a beautiful mother and daughter in captivity. Due to their immense ability to bring luck and see the future, a generation of powerful men took this as an advantage to harness success. In return, these female shamans suffered years of mistreatment in a secluded room inside the family’s five-star hotel.

This was all until the happy-go-lucky Seul-bi caught the eye of a curious “prince” outside the wall. Out on a boys’ night, the CEO’s son Seong Min-joon (Ki Do-hoon) invited his friends over for a drink. But as they get wasted, the wandering Soo-kwang touched a peculiar door, suddenly releasing Seul-bi from her prison. As she follows him outside like a puppy, they both found themselves making memories that they will treasure forever.

Things took a turn when CEO Seong Sam-joong (Jeon Gwang-ryul) caught them together. In anger, he banned Soo-kwang from the hotel and vowed to ruin his life. However, his misery did not stop there. Misfortunes started happening right after he took Seul-bi back home. It came to the point that he almost died and had to change his identity for his safety.

Years after the incident, he came back as Myung-sung, a market fish seller and a known bringer of bad luck. While he is starting to get used to the new life, his world turns upside down again as he found himself face-to-face with the escaped Seul-bi.

Enchanted love story

Jinxed at First is probably one of my favorite K-Dramas that I have watched this year. And what I love about the show the most is its subtle magic. It was subtle in the sense that it looked more natural and seemingly realistic.

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Another thing that looked natural was Seohyun’s acting as a childlike and bizarre shaman. You could really tell how much she practiced and put her soul into her role. She is literally born to play the part of Seul-bi. Meanwhile, her chemistry with In-woo definitely matched the characters’ personalities. In-woo’s casual yet charming appeal accurately depicted his role as a down-to-earth golden boy. Together, they both effectively captured the audience’s sympathy as they battle the universe for the love they both share for each other.

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Furthermore, Jinxed at First’s magical realism mixed with the soulmate trope and found family drama immediately caught my attention. Its fast-paced storytelling made the story more interesting than it already is. Thus, there is truly no boring moment in this series with the cast’s funny and emotional theatrics.

Breaking the generational curse

Aside from the important message behind the power imbalance strengthened by capitalism, there is an underlying message that I would rather put into the light. Jinxed at First impressively tackled generational trauma by displaying it as a curse. Like a family’s wealth and company, trauma can also be inherited and passed down from parents to children. From this, the Seong family lived through the greedy need to rely on shamans to maintain power. Otherwise, the last one in line would have to suffer a grave curse cast by the past female shamans as a consequence of the years of enslavement.

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Min-joon’s kindness and willingness to break the curse made me admire his character. Just like him, I also try my best to escape from the entrapping and toxic ideals passed down to me. Even if our parents cannot quite understand the rebellion, we still strive to break free from their limiting shackles that could potentially harm our mental health. This is also why a lot of young people, especially Gen Zs today aspire to end the trauma with them.

Jinxed at First is another K-Drama series you would definitely not want to miss out on. Aside from its entertaining episode, the story transfers you to a world full of love and magic. Where despite life’s adversities, love would always find its way back to its rightful place.

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