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The Struggles of Living in a Dorm

The Struggles of Living in a Dorm

College life is always associated with having fun, meeting new people, and loud campus organizations and programs. Many people would assume that college is all about thrilling events, but behind all those ideas are the fact of living independently. The dorm living as a college student says.

Since the face-to-face classes are slowly returning, some students may be doing their dorm hunting by now. Looking for their possible home for the next four years in the university. It would be great if you are together with your friends, but if not, that would be quite a challenge. Apart from sharing the space with different people, here are other challenges of living in a dorm that you might experience.

The Struggles of Living in a Dorm

Small Space

Dorms are way smaller than you imagine. They barely fit your bed, leaving you with little to no room to move around. You are lucky if you can bring at least a side table. Due to limited space, there are no designated locations for cooking or laundry, and it is a challenge to find a place to hang damp garments.

Little Privacy

It is rare to have a solo room in dormitories. Usually, you have to share the space with three more people. It will be quite difficult if you are the type to not want to socialize. It will be more uncomfortable for you if some of your roommates, at worst, invite friends or classmates over. They can’t help but overhear some of your calls or phone discussions. It was a privacy invasion but you got no choice.

Constant Distractions

Constant distractions happen when you have different classes or work schedules. Some had to leave by the time you are just about to sleep. Since they are preparing, there will be noises from the water splashing and lights turning on and off.

Additionally, it will be challenging to maintain concentration with others around you. I am not so sure if it goes the same for others, but I don’t like it when people watch me working. I hate the feeling of being observed.

Limited Number of Appliance Allowed

Some dormitories forbid having more than one appliances. If you carry a rice cooker or another electric fan, it will cost you additional fee. And since you have fixed monthly pay for your space, it will tighten your budget more.

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Dorm Closing

College classes as per experience last until 9 pm. If the dorm closes at 10, you hardly ever have time to eat outdoors especially if it’s far from the school. Also, if you are part of an organization or you have big productions to make, your time of going home will definitely exceed the 10 o’clock curfew. When that happens, you’ll have to sleep over with your classmates.

Unorganized Roommates

Unorganized roommates are the worst. I am not sure if we just do not have the same habit or background or what, but I find it annoying when someone neglects to clean but still manages to track in dirt. Those who do not even try to clean their stuff out of respect for the people they are sharing the space with. They are the most difficult people to bear.


Although you are busy of studying, that longing for home does not go away. You will miss sleeping in your bed or waking up with the smell of your mother’s fried rice. From time to time, you will realize the precious moments you have taken advantage of while you are at home.

College life is never easy. These struggles I have listed are just part of testing your ability to adapt – that growing requires you to leave the normal. More than the limited spaces and distractions, classes will burn you out making you doubt whether continuing is worthwhile. But once you are in the position of looking back, everything fits as pieces of learned experiences.

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