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House of the Dragon: Fire and Blood Reigns in Westeros 

House of the Dragon: Fire and Blood Reigns in Westeros 

House of the Dragon

It is finally here! House of the Dragon brought us back to Westeros once again. From the acting, the production, and the set, House became a cinematic wonder.

The first episode definitely left us wanting more. So, together, let us examine House of the Dragon and its iconic scenes that will be forever remembered by its viewers.


Massive spoilers ahead!

Viserys and Rhaenyra Talking under Balerion the Dread’s Skull

First in the list! When Viserys called Rhaenyra to tell her she is going to be his heir, we were given a treat.

Photo | NewsWep

In this set, we see the skull of the dragon Balerion the Dread suspended in the air. I mean, come on! If that does not scream greatness, I do not know what will.

Aemma Targaryen’s Birth Scene Paralleled with the Tourney

As someone who studies filmmaking, I declare that these scenes were out of this world. The cinematography, the transitions, the editing: they were chef’s kiss! The action-packed fight scene between Daemon Targaryen and Ser Criston Cole made me hold my breath until the end.

Photo | Cine Dope
Photo | HBO

More importantly, Aemma Targaryen’s story about women’s choice that the creators want to depict were conveyed excruciatingly. The actors really delivered and made us feel included in those scenes.

Viserys Proclaiming Rhaenyra as the Heir

In this scene, we are reminded that we are witnessing remarkable progress in the history of Westeros.

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Since its establishment, Westeros has never had a woman inherit the Iron Throne. The creators mirrored the different reception of this particular event whenever it happens in our world. Some will be hesitant (Lord Baratheon and Lord Stark), some will be hopeful (Rhaenerys Targaryen), and some will be angered (Daemon Targaryen).

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Otto Hightower Pimping his Daughter, Allicent to Viserys

Watching this scene woke a rage inside me. If you look closely, this proves that Otto is not the honorable man that Viserys is branding him to be.

Photo | Reddit

He has aspirations to be on the Iron Throne so he uses his daughter as a pawn. Comparing it to Thrones, he is the Littlefinger to the Targaryen’s civil war. I know it is fiction, but that will not stop me from hating Otto Hightower, or as I see him, the love child of Littlefinger and Tywin Lannister.

Viserys Sitting in House‘s Version of the Iron Throne and Arguing with Daemon

Probably one of my most favorite out of this whole series and even in Game of Thrones. The creation of this specific scene is just perfection to me.

The Iron Throne, the costumes, Viserys and Daemon’s acting, and, oh God, the writing! As a writer, I bled when I heard the lines “the blood of the dragons run thick.Then, why do you cut me so deeply?” If this will not give them nominations on the next Emmys, then what is the purpose of all of this, right?

I know that we were all hurt with what HBO did with Daenerys’ storyline. But these particular scenes that I have mentioned marked that House will not shy away from Game of Thrones. Moreover, it also promises us that House of the Dragon is going to be so much bigger and different than its predecessor.

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