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Try these pretty Press-On Nails to save your day

Try these pretty Press-On Nails to save your day

Are you the type to always doll up every time you go out? One who prefers fashion adventures, one look after another. Or are you someone who keeps themselves professional and fashionable all the time? Here’s pretty press-on nails to save your day.

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Fake nails is the real-deal

Our hands are probably the most useful asset we can have aside. Grooming can be a challenge but press-ons, a.k.a. fake nails are the real-deal today. They come handy especially when you’re in a hurry or packed schedule. Most of them are also budget friendly.

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Made up of either acrylic resin, ABS plastic polymers etc, press-ons are pretty much reusable. You just have to take good care of them so that it can maintain its form and design for a long time.

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Press-on nails to the rescue!

Coming with different designs, press-ons can fit for everyone and every event. You can either design them your own, simply buy clear fake nails then the adventure is yours. Customized ones are also hot in the market lately because of the increasing amount of small businesses offering them. Or, you can buy mass-produced fake nails from boutiques and online stores. You have the freedom to choose.

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Positively, you can find any design you want or need, just be persistent enough to look. Some even put extreme artistry and do nail art to the next level by making the press-ons their canvases.

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How to press-on?

The quickest hand glam in only a few minutes. First, make sure your hands and nails are clean. Trim your nails and the press-ons so they would easily fit later on. Set your nails by buffing the surface to remove its shine, it makes press-ons stick more. Removing or pushing your cuticles back by a cuticle stick is optional but adds to that “naturally grown nails” look later on.

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Then, use alcohol swabs to wipe the surface and get rid of dirt and oils. Finally, use either (or both if you prefer) adhesive tabs or glue to attach the fake ones. Make sure to take a few seconds of gently pressing them on your nails so that they stick firmly and in place. And voilà! Done and dazzling!

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Press-ons are beginner friendly. There are a lot of tutorials online that are very easy to understand. Shop owners also offer them with go-to kits, especially for starters, so you don’t have to worry about the how’s. So, what are you waiting for? Try them now!

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