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Discover the Trendy ‘Korean Jelly Nail’

Discover the Trendy ‘Korean Jelly Nail’

Korean beauty isn’t just limited to make-up and skin care. Just recently, Korean jelly nails started to trend. Different from the American ones, Korean nails are usually short, clean, and have a neutral color that blends with their tone.

Popularized by K-pop idols, this soon turned out to birth numerous nail technicians offering this service.

Jelly nails consist of different styles—from natural to cutesy art. This became a popular trend because they stand out for their simplicity in color yet look posh and chic.

What are Jelly nails?

The jelly nail, from its name, can be seen as shiny and has a gel effect. The tone usually is soft and appears to look like jelly. This can be achieved using light or pastel color and natural nail polish, combined together and then applied to your nails. You can coat it with your natural polish to seemingly achieve the shiny effect.

How to achieve your perfect nails?

Achieving these jelly nails requires a professional technician because they use gel materials that help bind your nails and gel polish. They also require a long time process to help them last longer.

Photo from: Pinterest/@AstridCaraa

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You can experiment by picking a color and combining it with a natural-looking nail color (i.e. red or pink) or neutral colors (i.e. beige or brown). This helps to blend your nails and appear natural. It’s important that when you perform a DIY test on your nail, it’s fitted for the process. The natural color also needs to be more prominent than the color of your choice to achieve that pastel appearance. Here’s a DIY process for achieving your desired jelly nail.

Video from: YouTube/OPI

The K-beauty industry is fast-paced so trends like this shouldn’t be missed.

Would you try this cutesy Korean jelly nail trend? Let us know.

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