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INSTAGRAM RAID: Ensembles We are Stealing from Grazy Grace

INSTAGRAM RAID: Ensembles We are Stealing from Grazy Grace

Grazy Grace is one of the YouTubers I always look forward to watching because she brings entertaining and sensible content. On her channels (as she has two), she talks about KPOP, music, life, beauty, and true crime. However, if there’s something that really catches my attention in her videos—that would be her outfits.

Photo from: Grazy Grace/@gebabyk

Honestly, she wears a variety of the most stylish clothes I have ever seen in my entire existence. So, I decided to raid her Instagram account with the confidence that it will be filled with her stunning OOTDs. And, I am truly glad I did because I saw nothing but fashion inspo! With all that being said, get ready to witness the ensembles that you will love to steal from Grazy Grace.

Cow Print Ensemble

Sometimes wearing prints can be risky, but that would not be a problem with a fashion pro like Grazy Grace. Wearing a striking cow print top and pants, she posed confidently and flaunted her fit body. She also wore a colorful and cozy fur bucket hat, adding more pop to the whole look.

Perfect Pastel

If you want to go cute for your next OOTD, then you should try Grazy Grace’s pastel ensemble. Her look features a cotton candy jacket, purple dress, pink hair tie, and shiny necklace. Moreover, for an adorable outfit, she looks absolutely sexy and gorgeous. For sure, people (yes, I am speaking for myself) will love to try this aesthetically pleasing outfit.

Butterfly Dress

Grazy Grace wore stunning dresses many times before, but this velvety dress will surely be on top of my list. Wearing a butterfly print mini dress, a YSL bag, and some accessories, she looks undeniably flawless. Moreover, this whole lovely ensemble seems so bold yet very delicate at the same time. And, she totally slayed it.

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Edgy but Grazy

Grazy Grace never shies away when it comes to fashion; she combines and wears anything that satisfies her taste. For an edgy look, she wore a purple and black color block cropped tank top with gloves and pants. This whole ensemble seems to speak so much about her style—bold, aesthetic, and unique.

Grazy Grace does not stick with just one style. She loves to play with her wardrobes, be diverse, and carry them with confidence. Perhaps, we should learn from her so we can never go out of style. For more OOTD inspo, check out her Instagram account!

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