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Why I Usually Say No to Wearing a Dress

Why I Usually Say No to Wearing a Dress

I remember being a child watching Princess Sara, an anime drama series, on television with so much enthusiasm. Besides its beautiful story, I find the dresses of the characters in the series truly gorgeous. At the same time, I became so immersed in those dresses that I found myself dreaming about wearing one. However, the truth hurts because I do not own them and I cannot afford any dress as exquisite as theirs. All I have in me is the truth that my young self wants to wear one in the future.

Dreams Do Change

My dream about wearing a dress in the future became a dream meant to be forgotten, real quick. One time, I decided to wear one and when I looked in the mirror, I instantly regretted it. Well, I realized that I do not look as great as Sara or any of the characters in the series. Fast forward, I grew up and I put on dresses, but mostly when I am just staying at home. Of course, I wear one too when I go to church or somewhere else, but I prefer not to always.

With all that being said, here are the reasons why I usually say no to wearing a dress.

I Do Not Think I Have a Perfect Body

As a fat girl, I struggle a lot to find the perfect outfits that will complement my body type. The same goes with a dress, sometimes I find the perfect design or texture, but not the right size. As I said, I wear dresses, but I think I really don’t look flattering in them most of the time. And, I also think that I do not possess a perfect body for a dress. Nevertheless, I really adore my fellow fat girls who wear whatever they want with confidence. #SanaAll!

I Find It a Hassle

Wearing a dress can be inconvenient sometimes, especially in public places where the wind blows so hard. I know I can always wear shorts underneath, but it feels uncomfortable when you know people might see it anytime. Wind can be cool and fresh, but it can also be a traitor to those people in a dress.

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Moreover, I also hate to be in a dress especially when I am sitting inside a jeepney. As a fat girl, whenever I sit, my dress shortens and it shows either my thighs or my shorts. Either way, it does not feel comfortable for me, considering how crowded it can be inside a jeepney. I can only imagine the awkwardness that will grow between me and my fellow passengers. It will not be a good ride, for sure.

Not My Style

No doubt, I like it when I am wearing a beautiful dress, but I am all about comfort. And to be honest, I do not always get the comfort that I need from sporting a dress. Furthermore, I prefer pairing up oversized tops with leggings or pants and a baggy denim jacket. Overall, I still love dresses, but if I can choose not to wear one, it would be perfectly fine.

Dress or not, always carry your outfits with comfort and confidence. And, do not forget to dress to impress yourself above all.

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