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barenbliss: BNBae SPOTTED! Kikay Youtubers Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy

barenbliss: BNBae SPOTTED! Kikay Youtubers Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy

Kryz and Laureen are both powerful ladies that have made a huge impact on the lives of many. When we think about pioneer influencers their names are on top of the list and that paved the way through allowing people to witness their life through vlogging. Since then, we have seen their life journeys and experiences making us feel as if we are also part of their lives. Moreso, they even teach us lots about fashion and makeup, and this time barenbliss has made it to their top picks! 

Kryz Uy

This is the second time Kryz Uy has mentioned barenbliss in her Youtube content, and that says a lot about the brand. In this video, she stated that she bought the barenbliss Fine To Refine Compact Powder because she keeps seeing it on Tiktok and was convinced that it was waterproof and without fail the barenbliss compact powder has lived up to its promises. Kryz Uy likes the products because the powder is really fine and lightweight. Her beauty tip is to add it on the inner corner of your eye or and the sides of the nose because that is the area that gets cakey the most. 

She even featured the barenbliss True Beauty Inside Cushion that was sent to her. In the video, it was her first time trying it and to her surprise the shade match was perfect. To her, it’s like she is adding nothing because it is mattifying. She then compared the barenbliss True Beauty Inside Cushion to all the cushions she bought from Korea. Apparently, Korean products are not suitable for this humid weather, it is so thick that it becomes cakey throughout the day, which is unparalleled to the barenbliss cushion because it is lightweight and non-cakey. She expressed that she has been loving barenbliss products and would like to share them with skyfam! 

Watch the entire video here: 

Laureen Uy

Laureen mentioned barenbliss in her unboxing video. She revealed what was inside the box and was excited about trying them on and sharing her faves through her instagram stories. 

She has been commending barenbliss on her instagram stories, and her fans cannot wait for her to review the products! 

Watch her full unboxing here:

barenbliss has really made its way to the lists of these top ladies in the modern world and we think it is a sign enough to go get blissful! 

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