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FOUR CHARACTERS IN A CUTE TIN: Know What KIWI-Character Are You With BNB’s Newest Items

FOUR CHARACTERS IN A CUTE TIN: Know What KIWI-Character Are You With BNB’s Newest Items

Each color triggers a specific Psychological response, and whatever color is your favorite, has something to say about your personality. We cannot deny the fact that when we see a particular product, what draws our attention first is the color and the design of the packaging. With that said, when a color speaks to you, it talks! In line with this, let’s dive in on getting to know these barenbliss’ newest items: The KIWI TIN CHEEK AND LIP TINT!

This is not just a tint that stains all day long, because aside from its cute packaging each item represents different personalities that resonate with other people. So, let the curtains up! And let’s start the roll call as we start to get to know these Four Characters in A Cute Tin!


She expresses herself through self-love and focuses on her growth. She’s excited about new learnings and experiences knowing that it’s a gift. On her personal journey, Teddie the “Pure and Innocent KIWI”, allows herself to have room for mistakes and forgiveness. Her sense of self makes her think that it’s okay to say sorry too.


This Yellow KIWI Tint is a representation of a woman who can live beyond her weaknesses and tribulations unapologetically. She radiates truth and wisdom. She is self-aware, smart, and can still live her life to the fullest. Bobbie doesn’t need anyone’s approval to feel she’s enough. She may have a strong and commanding aura, but deep inside comes too many unexpressed emotions, there’s a soft and fragile persona deep inside her. Because of all the pain that other people had caused her, she built her wall so high and needs to project a feisty personality, so that no one will dare to hurt her again. Bobbie The “Wise KIWI” believes that in this life, you need to be cold looking outside so that you can protect the warmth inside your heart.

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This Blue Kiwi of barenbliss best represents all Alexie out there who always dares to strengthen her connection with passion, and intuition. She has ambitions and she follows them through her purpose-driven life. Alexie is so bold and fearless that when you try to reject, dump or leave her, she will stand up and open the door for you.


Her so-called, “Maternal Instinct” makes her the woman whose love and energy can be felt through her kind and womanly gestures. She uses these strengths to nourish her home, career, and even relationships without feeling guilty. Gabbie’s nurturing character is so unconditional. Many people can misunderstand her silence and softness, but once you start to know her, and she begins to show her warm affection, you’ll start to realize, “Oh, my first impression is wrong. This girl is profoundly strong!”

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