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4 Filipino Showbiz Personality Pairs You Didn’t Know Were Related

4 Filipino Showbiz Personality Pairs You Didn’t Know Were Related

There is this widely-familiar adage that seems to run true when speaking about show business. From celebrities related to social-media influencers and famous news presenters, more and more showbiz relatives are starting to build their names in the spotlight. This only proves that old industry saying, “showbiz runs in the family”

Although the Philippine showbiz industry is in no shortage of celebrities who are well-known relatives, some closely-related personalities remain unfamiliar to us. Because of this, I have listed below a few showbiz personalities whom you might not know are related.

1. Will Dasovich & Karen Davilla

While Wil Dasovich is known to be childhood friends with Hollywood Actor Zac Efron, did you know there is another showbiz personality he is closely related to? Did you know that Fil-Am vlogger Wil Dasovich is the nephew of Kapamilya Broadcaster Karen Davilla? Revealed in one of Wil’s vlogs, Wil introduced Karen Davila as his ‘tita’ to his viewers. Later, it was explained that Wil’s mom, Charry Lising-Dasovich, is first cousins with the Kapamilya news presenter.

Photo from | Wil Dasovich via Facebook

2. Gab Lagman and Mariz Umali

Another actor-news anchor pair who are interestingly related are Gab Lagman and Mariz Umali-Tima. These two personalities are, in fact, aunt and nephew to one another as Mariz is first cousins with Gab’s mom. Gab Lagman rose to fame with his acting and modeling jobs in ABS-CBN establishing his name as a showbiz personality. On the other hand, Mariz Umali-Tima is a highly-respected news presenter and Unang Hirit host in GMA.

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3. Marco Gumabao & Gretchen Fullido

Adding to the list of showbiz personality duos who are related are Marco Gumabao and Gretchen Fullido. ABS-CBN actor and Kapamilya hunk Marco Gumabao is a close relative of ABS-CBN’s Star Patrol anchor, Gretchen Fullido. Gretchen, whose full name is Gretchen Marie Gumabao Fullido, is Marco’s first cousin, as Marco’s dad and Gretchen’s mom are siblings.

Photo from | ABS-CBN

4. Martin Del Rosario & Connie Sison

Last on our list is yet another unexpected showbiz duo. Did you know that Kapuso actor Martin Del Rosario is closely related to Kapuso news anchor Connie Sison? Connie, whose full name is Maria Perpetua Concepcion Del Rosario-Escudero is the younger sister of Martin’s father, Robert Del Rosario. For this reason, this makes them aunt and nephew to each other. Furthermore, besides Martin’s links to Connie Sison, he is also related to the veteran actress Ces Quesada, the older sister of Martin’s mom.

The Philippine show business is full of interesting personalities whom we might not even know are relatives. Did any of these personalities surprise you? Share with us your thoughts!

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