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Celebrity Dream Homes that will WOW you

Celebrity Dream Homes that will WOW you

Our dream homes are a reflection of our souls. It reflects our personality and character.

If you appreciate masterpieces in the form of houses, here are the top celebrity homes that you will geek out over.

Kryz and Slater Young’s Skypod

Photos: @kryzzzie

Kryz and Slater’s Skypod is a personal favorite and it’s at the top of the list for a reason.

It is an industrial-style glasshouse with a cabin feel which Slater says was inspired by both the couple’s vision and his father’s cabin-inspired house.

The interior design and colors work very well with the industrial theme.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up in a house with a pool view from almost every angle?

Certainly, the Skypod is stunning in every detail.

The Team Kramer’s Mountaintop Home

Photos: @dougkramer & TEAM KRAMER YT

Meanwhile, Team Kramer, known for being #FamilyGoals, had the netizens going crazy when they finally shared their first family home in Antipolo last 2019.

With its black, brown, and gray color palette, this modern rustic house looks grand and sophisticated.

And it’s not just grand; it’s a house-with-elevator grand.

This three-story family home also features a lovely lanai, which they claimed to be their favorite spot.

Props to the couple for envisioning such a lovely home.

#CokoroHaus by Camille Co and Joni Koro

Travel & Fashion Blogger Camille Co and husband Joni Koro have something beautiful coming.

Yes, they have finally shared glimpses of their future home which they call the #CokoroHaus.

The couple’s dream home has a very tropical feel from the outside, with a Nordic style interior.

Based on the photos posted by the couple, the house is a modern minimalist architectural design with a dominantly white palette.

Its huge glass doors and panoramic pool view windows make it a real paradise.

It is still under construction, but the blogger posts updates on the future #CokoroHaus from time to time, and we are all here for it. 

Zsa Zsa Padilla’s Modern Asian Home

Photos: Dairy Darilag

Zsa Zsa and husband Conrad’s Modern Asian home is yet another example of how you can never go wrong with white.

The house appears to be an extension of nature with plenty of natural light and the sight of plants inside.

Warm lights were also a good choice for making the space feel cozier.

The artworks and Conrad’s impressive collection of jars from mostly Asian countries are what make the house scream Asian.

Meanwhile, the staircase and floor-to-ceiling glass windows make the house appear modern.

This white minimalist four-story house is said to have been designed by the singer’s architect husband, Conrad.

Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro’s Family Home

All #TeamPuti and #TeamKahoy fans out there, listen up! Saab Magalona-Bacarro has something for you to feast on.

While this home exudes mid-century modern vibes, the couple decided to make it a little more elegant and interesting by incorporating distinct Filipino touches.

The whites and woods combination makes it warm and inviting.

It’s also very timely, as people are raving about these #TeamPuti and #TeamKahoy house concepts, making this home one to get ideas from.

These are just a few of the most beautiful celebrity homes, and the list could go on and on.

Each of these has its own unique character and story, but which one spoke to you the most?

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