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Celebrity babies: the future of showbiz

Celebrity babies: the future of showbiz

One of the happiest things of being a fan is witnessing our celebrity favorites entering into another level of happiness. Whether it’s revealing they are in a relationship or announcing their marriage, the bliss it brings us feels different. And, of course, it overflows when they surprise us with them having babies.

Nowadays, our social media accounts have taken over these celebrity babies’ cute photos, and we just couldn’t handle their cuteness. As these babies grow up day by day, fans see them and predict that they will be the next in line to be future celebrities.

Here are some of the celebrity babies that we should look out for:

Zoe Natalia

The first celebrity baby is Sofia Andres, and Daniel Miranda’s beautiful daughter Zoe Natalia. Sofia surprised everyone after making the announcement that she is going to be a mom. During her long hiatus in showbiz, her pregnancy has long been rumored but was not yet confirmed. Yet, after some time, she revealed her pregnancy journey and the world met Zoe.

This baby girl will really make you all giddy because of her cuteness.

This little sunshine is a really cheerful baby. She got her mama’s photogenic aura whenever in every click of the camera. Recently, she turned 1 and growing little by little, Zoe puts a smile on everyone’s face every time a photo of her is shared. Truly, a sweet and truly ‘kulit’ baby.

Dahlia Amélie

The first daughter of Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff was welcomed last March 2, 2020, during their long stay in Australia. We already know that Anne is one of the fashionable personalities in the industry, and just by looking at Dahlia’s photos, it is clear that she will take her Mama’s spotlight. Anne and Erwan’s little bundle of joy spreads cuteness with her bungisngis smile and her infectious laughs.

Recently, Anne posted a picture revealing who Dahlia took after for. Side-by-side, she posted Erwan’s baby picture and Dahlia’s, with both really looking alike. Because of this, netizens concluded that Dahlia will be as good-looking as her dad with a little touch of Anne’s beauty.

Celebrity baby Dahlia
Instagram | @annecurtissmith

Thylane Katana

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Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico’s daughter Thylane is as cute as ever. It was on New Year’s Day 2021 when Solenn gave birth to this adorable baby girl.

Just like Anne, Solenn posted the photos of Thylane without her face. This made fans get all excited about how her baby will looks. Then, Solenn gave a glimpse of her baby’s eyes, claiming that Thylane got it from her father.

Finally, after 4 months, she posted a picture showing Thylane’s gorgeous face. Apart from being a beautiful baby, Thylane shows her ‘kulit’ moments from videos her parents posted.


Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford’s first son Amari was born on September 10. This little cutie put her mom into labor for 4 hours. What a challenging experience for a first-time mother. But, it’s worth the wait as Amari came into this world as a cute, healthy baby.

In contrast to Anne, and Solenn’s babies, who looks like their fathers, Amari really looks like her mother. This boy’s eyes will make everyone fall in love with him. Just like his mom’s eyes which are so inviting, his round big black eyes will captivate you. Surely, he will be future heartthrob! Watch out for this handsome Amari.


Rodolfo Joaquin Diego III is Dianne Medina, and Rodjun Cruz‘s son with super admirable cuteness. This baby boy was brought to the world on September 10.

Photos of this little one can make one’s day brighter. Everything about this baby is just so adorable, from his little toes, hands, round big eyes, and contagious smile.

People await your dance entry soon young man. Just like how your mom and dad love to vibe in every beat. But, don’t rush as your family loves the smile you bring as a very innocent angel.

Indeed, these babies may have a bright future in showbiz. They take after their parents and, soon, we will witness their journey as they possibly step on their mom and dad’s career.

We still have some celebrity babies blessing our timeline every day. However, I just listed these five for a start. So, who’s your favorite? Who will be the next celebrity baby that you predict will take over showbiz? Watch out for them!

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